Saraswati Yantra

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The powerful duo of our HI MEMORY formula with the herb, Bacopa or Brahmi (another name for SARASWATI) and the divine SARASWATI YANTRA can help you top your exams, shine bright at your workplace, and bring "street smarts" to your business ventures. While the two work well separately, together, the duo will help your cells vibrated with her intelligence and your charge your space with her intelligence.  

The Saraswathi yantra energizes the Bacopa herb with positive energy, in turn, this energy-filled herb can help in detoxifying your pineal gland, drive out self-limiting thoughts, increase your focus and gets your creative juices flowing.

Your 3rd eye can give you access to worldly and unworldly wisdom. This is essential for thinking out of the box, accessing the creative energy that lives within you and being psychic and getting ideas from others :) … but sometimes you needs a little help channeling the energy. A yantra can help. 

Yantras are mystical diagrams (literally meaning is "machine") originating from Indian religions. Often they represent a deity and can empower you and your space with the energy of the deity.  

Your SARASWATI YANTRA represents Saraswati, the archetype of wisdom. Book learned wisdom and "downloads" or channeled wisdom previously unknown to you. Charged by geometrical patterns with the cosmic energy to access Goddess Saraswati. 

HI MEMORY formula is energized with Saraswati's vibration. If you are taking Hi MEMORY, you have Saraswati in your cells.  And you can 

Your SARASWATI YANTRA will help you channel the energy from your 3rd eye and can help you with clarity and focus. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly find yourself achieving creative masterpieces and breakthroughs.

The SARASWATI YANTRA can uplift the lives of those:

  • Who want more vision and clarity 
  • Who want knowledge of the future at this time
  • Who desire to achieve a higher calibre of education
  • Who desire to increase their creativity
  • Who seek success in their education and studies

Use your SARASWATI YANTRA in various ways:

  • Enhance your HI-MEMORY FORMULA by charging it by placing it on top of your SARASWATI YANTRA for a few minutes before ingesting.
  • Place your SARASWATI YANTRA facing East or North on your personal altar and use it as a focal point for personal rituals and meditation.


Product Info:

3 inches by 3 inches yantra. Primarily copper and dipped in gold as a covering.