Amrta Karuna - Immune Support

Amrta Karuna, the ‘elixir of compassion’, is a break-through, polyherbal formula from the ancient Siddha botanicals technology, clinically studied to help improve immune and respiratory system defense and performance.

Amrta Karuna, a liquid tincture, is a unique proprietary blend of potent anti-bacterial, reducing inflammation, adaptogen, and rejuvenating botanicals: Noni, Neem, Bilva, Tamarind, and Lemon juice.

* Noni, 58 "Respiratory Support and Reduction of Key Inflammatory cytokines" research articles

* Neem, 39 "Aiding the Immune System for Combatting Virus" research articles

* Bilva, 60 "Immunity Support" research articles

* Tamarind, 68 "Anti-oxidant, and Combatting Free Radicals" research articles

* Lemon Juice, Very High in Vitamin C and folate (a B Vitamin)


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