Dr. Baskaran Pillai, Chairman, Nambu Botanicals

"I am so excited to help bring Dr. Pillai’s  infused herbal formulas to people all over the world. I had always dreamed of herbs that evolve our minds and bodies. What a concept! It seemed like an audacious dream but now we have that perfect product– Enlightenment Formula.

Originally the intention of Enlightenment Formula was to allow for deeper meditations as well as enhance physical health.What I quickly found after taking the EF capsules daily was that I was able to go beyond great meditations. These  infused herbs were working deeply and precisely on the core areas of my life that need healing.

For example, for as long as I remembered, I had trouble communicating – saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. What I wanted to say and what came from my lips, didn’t match.

After 2 weeks of taking Enlightenment Formula, a 'natural intelligence' took over. I could sense new clarity of mind as I opened my mouth to speak.

And now, my words are received as I intend them. I communicate what I think and feel in thoughtful and empowering ways. Enlightenment Formula with phonemic vibrations removed my karmic block and connected me to living and speaking my higher self. EF is truly 'Transformation in a Capsule'.

I trust you will also find profound changes in your life."

~ Beth Nambu DesMarais, Co-Founder Nambu Botanicals

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1000’s of Years of Traditional Use

Our herbs have benefits for brain, body and beauty.

First- Hand Accounts

Saints nourish their body, brain and spirit...and now you, with  infused herbs.

Boost it with Meditation

Boosted with  to enhance the power of the herbs that will connect you with your higher consciousness