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Meditation How To’s

For Best Results

Take 2 capsules of Eclipta Alba in morning. 1 capsule in the evening.

  1. Shower or bath first.
  2. Find Quiet room where you are alone.
  3. Sit either cross legged or with your feet flat on the floor.


Just try it out!


1+ yr. on and off meditating


5+ yrs focused practice

Best time: Morning - 10 mins.

Follow steps 1 - 3 above.

1.  Say sounds softly out loud.
2.  Focus on the areas you are guided to in the meditation.

    Best time: Morning or/and Evening - 20+ mins.

    Follow steps 1 - 3 above.

    1.  Say sounds out loud for first 5 mins and then quietly inside.
    2.  Focus on the sound vibration entering the area guided.  
    3.  Focus on your goals - material or spiritual.

    Best time: Morning and Evening - 30+ mins.

    Follow steps 1- 3 above.

    1.  Learn basic brain parts and area.
    2.  Say each sound once or twice out loud and then inside.
    3.  Focus on sound vibrations entering cells, dna and giving new intelligence.
    4.  Focus on your goals- material or spiritual.

      You May Notice.. 

      Feeling more in control.  Moments of euphoria and insights, positivity.

      Focus and creativity, intuition and energy all increase.

      Mediations have surges of energy.

      Unexpected positive events occuring.  More of a connection to a source.

      A greater understanding about your own natural intelligence and ability to get things done.