Nambu’s Wellness 360o

A wellness regime based on supplements and meditation to help you achieve results in most areas of life. Health and happiness encourages optimism for improved finances, love and friendship, deepening spiritual fulfillment and leads to a balanced mind body stress-free life.

“You don’t have to work hard to make more money. Work smartly.” - Dr. Pillai

Prosperity Mindset

Build a nurturing relationship with the prosperity mindset for times when a few extra dollars would go a long way.


Prosperity Mindset Meditation: Shreem Brzee


Shreem Brzee Turmeric Delivers Wealth Vibration to Your Cells

Shreem energy is in Turmeric, according to Yogic texts.

Shreem Brzee Formula with Meditation can help to:
  • RELIEVE stress and anxiety.
  • Change the brain and make NEW neuronal connections.
  • IMPROVE your creative thinking and your energy.
  • Shreem Brzee is a sound- created meditation shown to increase financial success.
  • ‘Shreem’ is a word rooted in Hindu history and associated with the Goddess of Wealth, Lakshmi
  • ‘Brzee’ is a word revealed to our founder, Dr. Pillai, by an ancient Siddha, Vishumitra. This word- sound was mentioned in mystical texts to create frequencies of wealth.

Maximize results – take Shreem Brzee turmeric with intention

  • Hold ✌ capsules in the palm of your✋ hand.
  • Say ShreemBrzee to empower your desire 💖.
  • Focus/touch your navel chakra to activate your energy ⚡ center responsible for creating prosperity 👑.
  • Make your intention 🙏.
  • Take capsules with water, juice 🍹 or your favorite milk.

Take 1- 2 capsules in the morning and evening with juice or preferably something with a little oil or fat for better absorption.