How to take Enlightenment Formula for *Highest Results :)

-Tap into the Divine Energy of the Herb. 

  1. When you take Enlightenment  Formula, hold the capsule(s) in your right hand and focus on the top (back of the top of the head, on the soft/sensitive spot). You can touch that area if you wish. 
  2. Say the “Yaaaaa” as you focus on this spot on the top of your head.Say “Yaaaaa” 3x’s minimum and take Enlightenment Formula.  You can say this  as much as you wish!


-The "Body" Experience. 

- Fine to take morning or evening.

- If taken before meditation, you’ll experience the ability to go deep. 

- Take in the morning and you’ll have concentration and focus all day with an increase in energy feels natural to the physical and subtle body. 

-  Taken in the evening,  it can give a little more energy and lucid dreams. If you have trouble sleeping, you may want to avoid Enlightenment Formula in the evening. Although Each person has a different experience.