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One might say that their karma is pretty good when they are getting along with everyone, their work is praised, they may have clinched an important business deal or even found that perfect outfit - on sale!  

However, experiencing road blocks, delays and disagreements, and even being tired is an indication that your karma is being challenged.  

Dr. Pillai says karma is only "Strong Thoughts". The good news is that karma is not permanently frozen and Enlightenment Formula helps break through the karmic ice blocks! 

The most impactful action you can take to reverse bad karma is to face it -straight on. The karmic root cause could be obvious, we know what we do to cause an event – whether unpleasant or pleasant. Other times it’s very subtle, an unconscious nagging that we can’t articulate or have clarity on. 

It's time to bust some karma! 

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Free Karma Assessment

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