Financial Freedom
How to Super-Charge Hi-Health Formula

Everybody needs healing around money, no matter how much you have. Hi-Health Formula will help you to release limiting thoughts and allow abundance to flow through your life.

Here is the replay from a special call where Nambu demonstrated a technique to super-charge the turmeric in Hi-Health Formula.

Here is the technique:
1. Rub your hands together gently for 15-20 seconds.
2. Pull your hands apart gently and feel the heat, energy and power between your palm chakras.
3. Put Hi-Health capsule(s) in the middle of the palm in the right hand.
4. Say Shreem Brzee 3 times.
5. Visualize your desired manifestation for 5-10 seconds.
6. Hold your intention or prayer. For example: please heal me of feelings of unworthiness towards money.
7. Take the herb. You can take 1 or more capsules, 1 or more times per day.

Bonus: Hi-Health works synergistically with Enlightenment Formula as Enlightenment Formula lifts karma or strong thoughts that block abundance. For an additional super boost, take Hi-Health and Enlightenment Formula together, first thing in the morning with food.

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