Chakra Health

Seventh Chakra - CROWN
Located at the top of the head.
-Spiritual Center, Development of Psychic Abilities, Enlightenment, Unity
Sixth Chakra - THIRD EYE
Located at the center of the forehead.
-Perception Center, Psychic, Consciousness, Wisdom, Intuitive Ability, Visualization, Power of Mind
Fifth Chakra - THROAT
Located in the center of the throat.
-Expression Center, Comunication, Inner voice, Speaking from Truth, Expression of Creativity (Art & Music), Willpower
Fourth Chakra - HEART
Located in center of the chest.
-Love Center, Compassion, Unconditional, Love, Hope, Forgiveness
Third Chakra - SOLAR PLEXUS
Located in the area above the naval.
-Power center, self-confidence, esteem, manifestation
Second Chakra - SACRAL
Located in the lower abdomen, genitals, womb
-Creativity and secuality, relationship with money, career and power, procreation, ability to feel joy and pleasure.
First Chakra -ROOT
Located at the base of the spine
-Survival and Security Center, Family connections, animal instinct, controls fear, helps in grounding.