Shreem Brzee Yantra

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Have you ever heard of energized water?  There are sacred devices that will energize water, air and yes, herbs!

 A YANTRA has a geometrical configuration that aligns and draws energy from a constellation in or beyond the Milky Way. A subtle “machine” that emits a frequency that permeates your aura, your consciousness, and your environment.

YANTRAS  have been used in Vedic spiritual technology for hundreds of years by enlightened gurus and Siddha masters to amplify their mantras, meditations and manifestations.  

Your SHREEM BRZEE YANTRA is specially programmed with sound vibrations and etched with symbols that help align your energy with that of Goddess Lakshmi’s  SHREEM BRZEE wealth mantra.

There are numerous ways to use this versatile tool:
** Energize your SHREEM BRZEE TURMERIC by placing on top of your Yantra for a few minutes before ingesting.  You can also do the same thing with a glass of drinking water, fresh juice or smoothies.
** Place on your personal altar and use as a focal point for personal rituals and meditation.
** Hold in your right hand as you chant “shreem brzee.”  Strengthen your fortitude to make the financial jumps you want.
** Your YANTRA is easily portable!  Place in your wallet to help attract wealth and prosperity wherever you go.

Product Info:

2 inches by 2 inches yantra. Primarily copper and dipped in gold.