Our Flagship – Enlightenment Formula

The meditation herb, Eclipta alba rarely found in the west, is a liver protector and promotes hair growth and eye health. Long used by saints and siddhas in India to achieve prolonged states of concentration. Formulated with sound vibration, (phoneme infusiontm) for the crown chakra, has the ability to put you in touch with your subtle body. Known to bust negative karma (stubborn thought patterns) it’s a must for spiritual seekers.

Sound to use while using the herb: Ya

Great for yogis, meditators, spiritual seekers & lucid dreamers

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Guduchi an elite powerful adaptogen – helping the body resist the damaging effects of stress and restore normal physiological functioning. In Ayurveda known to be an immortality elixir, Guduchi combats allergies, and protects against environmental DNA damage.

The Nambu difference, Phoneme Infused™ -sound vibrations that support the Throat Chakra, this is where your body and soul are connected and your ability to speak your truth with clarity and confidence.

Sound to use: Va

Ayurveda’s “Fountain Of Youth”

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Hi Memory

Bacopa is an outstanding nootropic for all ages. Provides us with the ability to have “memory on demand” and “word finding recall”. Prevents cognitive decline. Reduces stress and regulates the neurotransmitters.

The Nambu difference: Phoneme-Infused™ with sound vibrations to enhance problem-solving . Supports 3rd Eye Chakra transformation and health. Cleanses the pineal gland. Enhances intuition and access to higher intelligence.

Sound to use: Ya

Mental clarity, enhanced learning, superior memory

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Love and Grace

Ahhh. Tulsi is in the rare herb class of which can relieve extreme nervousness. What it does: Naturally improves libido, lowers the stress hormone cortisol and enhances the immune system. Provides cellular protection from toxins and pollutants. Great for frequent travelers and city-dwellers. Loosens mucus in the chest.

Phoneme-Infused™ with sound vibrations that support the Heart Chakra to give and receive love and gracefully accept gifts from the Divine. Turns negative thoughts and emotions to positive.

Sound to use: Si Pronounced: She

The ultimate mood and libido boost

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Turmeric with 95% curcumin extract can make your joints are happy, the puff in your eyes is lost and you feel better getting rid of all kinds of body inflammation caused by free radicals. Hi-Health combats age with its potent anti-oxidant benefits.

Sound vibrations, Phoneme infused™ support the Navel Chakra for courage, confidence, self-esteem and abundance consciousness. Enhances willpower so you can stick to your goals.

Sound to use: MA

Full Body / Mind Detoxifier

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Shreem Brzee

Shreem Brzee is resilience in a bottle. Curcumin, the active ingredient in the “golden goddess” herb Turmeric, is the world’s most popular anti-inflammatory. Proven to reduce joint pain, detoxify and protect the brain from cognitive decline and boost mood. New studies show Turmeric may also support weight loss and a healthy metabolism.

Phoneme-infused™ with sound vibrations to support the navel chakra for courage, confidence, self-esteem and abundance consciousness. Enhances willpower so you can stick to your goals.

Sound to use: Shreem Brzee

An adaptogenic, detoxifying, superhero

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Vinpocetine enhances communication between the neurons and improves blood flow in the entire brain for superior cognitive performance. The ideal nootropic “take as needed” derivative when you need to boost mental focus, creativity or overall productivity. Boosts memory and concentration and supports healthy vision.

The Nambu difference: Phoneme Infused™ with sound vibrations are within our Vinpocetine to support alertness and awareness!

Sound to use: Ah

Great for executives and entrepreneurs.

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