Everyone has super hectic schedules- it’s hard to stop and remember that we are the main character. If we could control our energy- we could accomplish more and still have energy after 7 P.M too! The answer is simple, understand chakras and diagnose your unique energy needs. Find out how they work, how they can be activated, and how they can be used in your every-day life.

Chakras are defined as, "energy points along the central meridian of the body," (WhisperingTree). The term, "Chakra" has a simple meaning of 'wheel' or 'circle'. It is used when referring to the 7 rotating energy points that provide a flow of invisible but nutritive energy through the center of the physical and subtle body. Resembling cones connected at each end, they emanate energy about a foot in front and behind the body. Each one has a different spiritual meaning and provides different forms of healing.

(Dale, 2009)

Chakras are energy centers that spin in a clockwise rotation. If their pattern is interrupted or blocked, we might experience disease, emotional imbalance, or engage in unhealthy habits.  Each Chakra moves at different frequencies and speeds which allow them to influence the body in different ways. These frequencies influence our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. The lower in the body a Chakra is located, the slower it vibrates. The higher in the body, the faster the Chakra vibrates.  When Chakras vibrate, they send powerful information-hosting energy waves to the outside of the body through the skin. They are also able to accept information from outside of the body. This information comes in the form of physical and subtle energy. Physical energy is tangible, like the food we eat and the environment we live in. Subtle energy is intangible, such as our thoughts, emotions and the energy transferred between people.

All physical objects have energy, but the energy itself cannot be seen. Our brains are not trained to perceive oscillations or frequencies as high as those that the Chakras regulate. Our brain waves oscillate between 0 and 100 cycles per second (or Hz). Chakras, on the other hand, oscillate between 100 and 1,600 cycles per second (Dale, 246).

While Chakras are present in everyone, we can conclude that Chakras influence every person in a different way. For instance, the "Fourth Chakra" is said to be located at the heart. This Chakra poses different meanings for both males and females. The masculine Chakra is about unconditional love for others, and the feminine Chakra is about unconditional love for self (Whisperingtree). The first through 6th chakras tend to “pulsate” between masculine and feminine energy. The odd chakras – 1st, 3rd and 5th – are “masculine” (penetrative/contractive) by nature.  They generally represent grounding/stability (1st), action/power (3rd) and purpose/expression (5th). The even chakras – 2nd, 4th and 6th – are “feminine” (receptive/expansive) by nature.  They generally represent intimacy (2nd), love/compassion (4th), insight/intuition (6th). As a result, men are generally more grounded, and power-oriented, and also more purposeful in their communication, and women are more comfortable with intimacy, compassion and intuition (Chakra Boosters).

Over the next few weeks, we will be delivering a thorough description of each of the 7 Chakras. We will explain how they can be diagnosed and used to help us achieve more, reduce stress, be physically healthy, and make intelligent decisions day to day.

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Dr. Baskaran Pillai founded Nambu Botanicals in 2014 - an innovative herbal company, with natural products aimed at improving all areas of life, even in areas beyond physical health.

Our products positively influence and transform how we think and create - money, relationships, spirituality and yes, of course, physical health too. You will even manage your time better.  The company’s products catalyze physical and energy body change by creating products with special herbs and sound frequencies.  We all manifest what we think and Nambu changes the pathways of our mind to think from our higher minds.

Dr. Pillai is a Spiritual Scientist, Academic Scholar, Philanthropist, International Speaker and World Thought Leader who is deeply committed to helping people across the globe to realize their full human potential.

He is emerging as the most progressive and innovative source of self-advancement knowledge, tools and practices, living on our planet today. He has been featured in the Time Magazine for having millions of views of his free teaching videos on YouTube and was voted as the "YouTube Guru" in 2008. Tens of thousands of people have already experienced massive shifts in their lives as a result of practicing his Siddha Sound Technologies.

Dr. Pillai has been a speaker for the United Nations Conference of World Religions and the World Knowledge Forum, and has hosted forums on Religion and Science.

Dr. Pillai knows that the Wisdom of the Siddhas and Modern Science do not provide a complete understanding on their own. So his teachings are geared to bring both streams of knowledge together, to form a more comprehensive understanding of the nature of reality. He often quotes Einstein: "Science without Religion is lame, Religion without Science is blind."


His scholarly background includes a Masters Degrees in English Literature and Comparative Literature from Madurai University, and a PhD in Religious Studies from the University of Pittsburgh where he was both a teaching fellow in the Department of Religious Studies, and Coordinator of Indian Studies program for the Department of International Studies.

Dr. Pillai is an Enlightened Master from the South Indian Siddha tradition, an unbroken ancient lineage of spiritual scientists who have reached the pinnacle of human evolution.

What is a Siddha?

To understand who Dr Pillai is, it might be necessary to understand who or what is a Siddha? “Siddha” in the Tamil language means "one who is accomplished” and is a term used for referring to perfected masters who have achieved the ultimate physical as well as spiritual perfection or enlightenment. Some consider Siddhas to be the Guardians of Mankind.

The word “Siddha” is also used to refer to one who has attained a "siddhi" or paranormal ability. In its pure form, siddhi means "the attainment of flawless identity with reality or perfection of spirit."

A Siddha has an evolved consciousness that is able to transcend the limits of time and space and travel multi dimensionally. What is defined as a "miracle" in the Earth plane is the usual order of things in the higher dimensions. Miracles become possible every day in your life through the Mind Science Techniques of the siddhas. In many traditions this is seen as "On Earth as it is in Heaven".

Siddhas have become perfected beings by attaining physical immortality. This is usually accomplished only by persistent meditation practices. A Siddha may sometimes not have a body but resides as a soul in a different plane of consciousness. A Siddha can however, take a physical form and be present on the Earth plane either for an entire human lifespan, or temporarily to give divine information or guidance to humans.

A Siddha Guru can initiate disciples into Mind Science techniques with "Shaktipat" or transmission of spiritual energy. This type of spiritual initiation can result in instantaneous transformation. During an Initiation the Master/Guru is giving you his energy as a Seed. The Seed energy or power of the Master is given to you for an intended result.

Previously, initiation from a true Siddha Master was very hard to come by, with seekers often spending decades performing difficult austerities to get just one little gem! Needless to say, Siddha Techniques have been taught only to a few exclusive individuals. However, once we crossed the threshold of entering into the Golden Age, Dr. Pillai is bringing this once very secretive science to the general public.

Dr. Pillai brings forth from His Lineage of the Siddhas, Sound Technologies and Meditation Techniques that are effective, practical and easy to use. Hundreds of thousands of people are benefitting from his unique blend of Science and Spirituality incorporating cutting edge scientific findings with wisdom from esoteric traditions from across the world. Dr. Pillai is creating a Meditation Movement like no other and One Minute Guide to Prosperity and Enlightenment.

Dr. Wayne Dyer lovingly dedicated his breakthrough book "Manifest Your Destiny" to Dr. Pillai, a.k.a. Guruji, for giving to Dr. Dyer the now famous "Ah" Meditation.


Dr Pillai created and continues to develop The Pillai Center (http://www.pillaicenter.com), an educational organization with the goal of enhancing human intelligence and positively transforming every aspect of life. Courses are offered on self-development in health, prosperity, relationships and spirituality.

Dr. Pillai is the founder of AstroVed (http://www.astroved.com), an organization which focuses on the propagation of the Vedic sciences, and offers spiritual technologies to bring about positive transformation in the areas of prosperity, health, relationships, career and inner growth.


As founder of the non-profit organization Tripura Foundation (http://www.tripurafoundation.org), Dr. Pillai is committed to abolishing extreme poverty. For over 20 years, Tripura's programs have been designed to eradicate hunger, educate children, and empower women & girls. Tripura's current "HoPE Centers" provide science-based, transformational tools based on the use of phonemes, through educational programs to its 80 plus centers serving underprivileged children.

Tripura has built sustainable, environmentally friendly housing for the poorest of the poor, replacing slum dwellings with beautiful homes. Tripura Foundation also sponsors Boystown residential facility for impoverished boys, delivers feeding programs, and offers other relief programs around the world.

Eclipta alba is the herb in the Nambu Botanicals Enlightenment Formula.

Dr Pillai has revealed that Eclipta alba is a gift from the merciful Lord Siva and that the Southern Indian Saint/Siddha Swami Ramalingam used this amazing herb initially as part of his practice to turn his body into Light.

Eclipta alba is an extraordinary herb. In Ayurveda, Eclipta alba is highly regarded as a herb for treating the body, mind and even the subtle energy system within the body. It can be described as a “Master Ayurvedic Herb” as it is traditionally used to treat a wide array of conditions associated with the liver, brain, nervous system, eyes, hair and skin.

It is commonly known as the false daisy and  has a number of vernacular name such as bhringraj, markara, pitripriya, sunilaka, keshrangana, balari, bhangra, bhringraj, bhengra, mochkand, bhangro, dadhal, kalobhangro, ajagara, garagadasoppu, kadigga-garaga, bhangra, maka and yerba de tago.

Eclipta alba belongs to the Asteraceae family. It grows commonly in warm, moist habitats and can be found widely throughout India, China, Thailand and Brazil.

Chief constituents of Eclipta alba and their pharmacological activities are:

 Chemical constituents Pharmacological activities
Wedelolactone Anti-hepatotoxic (protects the liver), Anti-bacterial, Trypsin Inhibitor, Anti-venom (antidote for treating snake bite)
Eclalbosaponins hair revitalizing, Anti-proliferative (inhibits abnormal cell proliferation / cancer), Anti-giardial (fights giardia parasites)
Demethylwedelolactone Anti-hepatotoxic (protects the liver), Anti-haemorrhage (arrests bleeding), Anti-venom (antidote for treating snake bite), Dye (cosmetic)
Dasyscyphin C Anti-viral, Anti-cancer
Eclalbatin Antioxidant
Ecliptalbine, verazine Lipid lowering, Analgesic

Source: Mithun NM, Shashidhara S, “Eclipta alba (L.): A review on its phytochemical and pharmacological profile” Pharmatutor.

For thousands of years traditional healers have used Eclipta alba for treating diseases such as liver cirrhosis, jaundice, gallbladder problems, hepatitis, chest infections, short-sightedness and even memory problems, stress, anxiety and  insomnia to name a few. The most amazing thing about Eclipta alba is its seemingly endless list of uses in Ayurveda and folk medicine.

Many of these therapeutic uses have now been confirmed by scientific studies. Preliminary studies show that Eclipta alba is linked to neuro protection, memory and cognitive enhancement, liver protection, reduction of anxiety and stress, pain relief, anti-diabetic activity and stimulation of hair growth.

She is the Goddess of herbs and healing.  She is a miracle healer who heals people through her mantras, herbs and blessings.

She is Nambunayaki.

Dr.Pillai recounts one of his first memories of the Goddess from his childhood: “...I remember going to my family temple on my mother’s side. We had to really walk a long distance, because it was a jungle at that time, and then pass through a pool of water, like a lake......sometimes the water would be up to the chest and sometimes up to the neck. I remember all that, and that was my mother’s temple.”

Dr Pillai then goes on to explain “This Goddess came to this earth plane several billions of years ago. To make a long story short, when my mother was born, she almost died. My grandfather who was the village officer took my mother (who was then a baby) and my grandmother and left them both at this Nambunayaki temple for a month. He told the Goddess “Now this baby is not going to survive. It is up to you to see whether to keep the baby alive or not, I have surrendered. If the baby survives, she will be called Nambu!” Suffice to say, the baby was healed.

Years later when Dr. Pillai decided to create a herbal company with a difference, he decided to name it Nambu Botanicals, in honour of the Goddess.

Beth Desmaris, who is an American student of Dr. Pillai, is the co-founder of Nambu Botanicals.  Beth has been fortunate to form a close relationship with the Goddess Nambunayaki, and has nurtured and developed her own healing abilities through empowerments, diligent spiritual practice and direct transmissions from the Goddess. Very aptly, Beth’s spiritual name is also “Nambunayaki”!

Dr. Pillai’ has also revealed a story passed down orally through the generations about his family temple -- it goes like this:  The land surrounding the temple had several springs that were known to have medicinal value. Long time ago two sages gained many powers during their practices of purification at the temple and started to provide healing to people who came to them for help.   It is said that they remain there to this day in their ethereal bodies, serving those who need help.

It is also said that a king became ill and made the long trek to the temple hearing of the Goddess and her power to grant miracle healings. His brothers mocked him but he did not lose faith in the Goddess.  He came in search of the Goddess and experienced a miraculous healing but strangely his brothers then fell ill.  There is a saying “Nambunayaki Vananginal Vambikai” which means “No problem to those who trust in Nambunayaki.”

Similarly you won’t be disappointed when you place your trust in Nambu Botanicals for healing body, mind and soul.

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