Learn what top-performers do to limit distractions & increase concentration.

In a previous email, we shared info about the value of resilience. That is, the ability to fail, learn and bounce back while advancing toward a goal. Resilience is great for learning skills, and it can give you an enormous advantage in modern advanced economies.

Another skill that produces these same benefits is focus. Resilience and focus go together like peanut butter and jelly.  You can enhance your ability to focus with healthy eating habits, meditation, herbs like Nambu’s Bacopa Monnieri and Deep Work.


What is Deep Work?

Thank you for asking. A computer science professor named Cal Newport, owner of  the blog Study Hacks, is the author of Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World.

Deep Work is the ability to concentrate without distraction and to create high-quality work in less time. As technology becomes more sophisticated, it both raises and lowers our work efficiency. It’s becoming more important, for individual success and the success of the workforce as a whole, to learn how to do high-quality work --  work that is not easily replicated --  at a fast pace. The quality depends on your level of focus.

Deep Work; The Fundamentals

Create Real Value

Employees want to show they’re providing value. In today’s workplaces, the easiest thing to do is to stay busy, even if what you’re doing isn’t providing results. It gets you a pat on the back. Employees and managers should measure the results of each task and project to monitor progress.

Minimize Attention Residue

When you switch between different tasks, it kills your efficiency. For example, your company expects you to be very fast with email replies. You’re busy writing an ebook. To meet the expectation, you have to stop writing the ebook and check email. You lose a lot of efficiencies when switching tasks, or when multitasking. That loss is called attention residue. Do one thing at a time.

Create Rituals

Block out particular times for particular tasks, and stick with them. Do the same for work location. If you need to go jogging, meditate or do an hour of yoga to fuel your workday, schedule that in.

Newport recommends Shutdown Rituals. When a project is incomplete, your brain gets over-excited and works harder to keep the project in your memory. This will drain your attention until you complete it. When you finish work for the day, do something that tells your brain that it can rest. This could be a favorite herbal tea or a reward. Do the same for completed projects.

Make Good Use of Free Time

Newport recommends not to act out of boredom during free time. It’s best to be thoughtful and structure that time. Favor activities that are personally meaningful. When you get back to work, you’ll feel more refreshed.

Schedule Distractions

If you need to be distracted during work blocks, you can schedule “anything goes” times. Play your favorite zombie shooter game, frolic outside or do whatever you feel like doing. If you schedule for distractions, you’ll find it’s better than scheduling breaks from distractions.

Set Goals Outside Your Comfort Zone

This could mean self-imposing a deadline that is a little shorter than you would like. Measure yourself and turn it into a game. Always ask yourself what you need to do to improve.

These are just a few principles of Deep Work. You can buy Calvin Newport’s book on Kindle or read free summaries of the book (there are lots of them online).

Don’t Forget the Bacopa


Bacopa Monnieri is Southern India’s primary nootropic brain booster.


  • Improves focus and concentration
  • Increases memory
  • Makes it hard to forget newly-learned information
  • Reduces stress
  • Nourishes creativity, intuition & the 3rd Eye

Students love how efficient they become in their studies, and they also love the stress reduction benefit.

Nambu Botanicals’ Hi-Memory Formula with Bacopa Monnieri is infused with sounds that support the 3rd Eye Chakra. This is our way of honoring the old, forgotten practice of sound infusion in Ayurveda and Siddha Medicine.



Herb of the Month:

No Coupon Necessary
Enjoy for only $14.95 USD

One of the most celebrated anti-inflammatory herbs in Ayurveda, Guduchi is packed with anti-aging antioxidants. It’s also known for balancing and strengthening the immune system and intelligently directing healthy responses to pollens and allergens.

Key Benefits:

Immune and sinus support
  • Supports proper function of the liver and kidneys
  • Promotes healthy glucose metabolism
  • Supports digestion and a healthy balance of intestinal flora
  • Supports comfortable movement of joints




    Back to school.   For kids AND parents, it’s a phrase that can trigger either positive anticipation or stressful thoughts and emotions, depending on the individual's personality, mindset and environment.

    Stress can affect kids at any age -- from elementary, middle or high school. And excessive stress can harm their emotional, intellectual and spiritual development.

    As a parent or mentor, a less stressful, more productive and happy school year begins with you. Your positive example will empower your kids to stress less and tackle obstacles with greater confidence.  If you’re thinking, “easier said than done,” we agree and we’re here to help! 

    Learn how to create a joyful school year with these tools and techniques:

    ** Support your kids with simple yet powerful lifestyle techniques including meditation, goal-setting and creative visualization.   These techniques empower your kids with a renewed sense of control, confidence, and security.

    ** Support your own calm, compassionate and positive mindset with the PHONEME-INFUSED™ herbs, Turmeric, Tulsi, and Guduchi.   

    Meditate with the Kids

    Deep abdominal breathing is a great practice for kids of all ages.  The instructions below will help engage the imagination and senses of younger children:   

    Ask the child to imagine a large balloon in their favorite color. Then give these instructions:

    1. Take a few deep breaths through the nose. The balloon is your belly. Fill it up as much as you can. Make it big.
    2. Hold the breath for a couple seconds, now that the balloon is full.
    3. I’m going to pop your balloon (poke them in the belly). Let it deflate.
    4. Keep repeating the above.

    You can optionally dramatize this by having them use their arms to express inflation and deflation.  Thanks to Melissa Eisler of the Chopra Center for inspiring this engaging exercise. 


    Have Your Kids Set A Goal for the School Year

    Ask them what emotions they want to feel during the new school year. Then have them reflect on what activities, mindsets, and thoughts inspire these emotions.

    Let them pick goals they want to reach. Things like an A average, practicing a new musical instrument or increasing music practice time to one hour per day.

    Make sure they write down the intent for each emotion or goal because they will be more likely to achieve it.

    Help Them Mentally Prepare for Stressful Situations

    If your child is fearful about speaking or presenting in front of the class, have him/her discuss their fears. You can do some role playing to prepare for common situations, like a tough audience or judgmental classmates. If bullying is a concern at school, encourage your child to discuss typical bullying scenarios (both real or imagined), share the feelings these situations trigger and discuss how they might respond. Check out these helpful guidelines via the web site, Kid Power.

    Herbs for Confidence, Compassion & Stress Relief

    As a parent or caregiver, when you welcome each day with joy and positivity, it will be much easier for your child to feel the same way.   These adaptogenic herbs are revered in Ayurveda and Siddha medicine for promoting a calm, compassionate and confident mindset -- and for delivering powerful stress and anxiety relief.  


    Turmeric For Self-Esteem & A "Can-Do" Attitude! 

    In Vedic ceremony, Turmeric is used when invoking Wealth Goddess Lakshmi, and Ganesha, the Obstacle Remover. Those traditions weren’t decided arbitrarily. Turmeric improves moods. It also boosts confidence and the “fire in the belly” drive to manifest financial goals or other worthwhile endeavors. Turmeric reduces inflammation in the body as well.

    Nambu’s Hi-Health Formula is infused with sounds that support willpower, confidence and other qualities associated with the Navel Chakra. This makes it an excellent back to school blend for students, parents, and mentors. It contains black pepper extract that is standardized for piperine, a compound that can increase the nutrients you absorb from Turmeric by up to 20 times.

    Buy Hi-Health Formula TURMERIC



    Guduchi For Anxiety-Relief & Self-Expression 

    Guduchi is known as a potent and antioxidant-packed youth elixir and immune system enhancer. It also calms anxious thoughts and empowers the Throat Chakra so you can express yourself, and speak your truth, freely. The infused phonemes of Nambu’s formula support communication and expression.




    Tulsi For Stress-Reduction & Compassion 


    Tulsi increases patience and compassion. It decreases cortisol levels, and therefore stress. Nambu’s Love & Grace Formula’s sound infusion process supports the Heart Chakra, allowing you to give and receive love more freely. When working with kids, it can help you become an impeccable role model.

     Buy Love & Grace TULSI 


    In Ayurveda, there is a term for herbs that can help you beat the summer heat, reduce fevers and balance the FIRE element. They’re called cooling herbs. There are also cooling foods and spices.

    When the FIRE element is out of balance, it can lead to:
    • Digestion problems
    • Inflammation
    • Angry moods
    • Insomnia
    • Overheating, especially in summer

    Many cooling herbs and foods can help reduce the above problems, and fevers, too.

    Cooling Foods: Cucumbers, melons, coconuts, lentils, grapes, broccoli, asparagus, rice, cabbage, green beans, black beans, soy and whole grains.
    Cooling Spices: Coriander, fennel, mint, black pepper, mint, basil, cilantro and dill.
    Cooling Herbs: Guduchi, rose petals, triphala, Bacopa Monnieri and Eclipta Alba.
    Cooling Oils: Coconut, olive and sunflower.

    Nambu’s Herb of the Month: Cooling Guduchi


    When taken in moderate amounts, Guduchi balances out the FIRE element in the body and mind.

    Guduchi can help reduce fevers, hot flashes, night sweats, digestive issues, sleep problems, inflammation, impatience, annoyance, loose stools, skin problems, anxious thought patterns and angry thought patterns. (1) (2)

    Guduchi also has heating qualities that are responsible for its reputation as an eliminator of toxins.

    Aside from its heating and cooling properties, Guduchi is best known as an immune system balancer and anti-aging herb. It protects you from the immune system’s overreactions to pollen, and from pathogens that cause illness. It’s packed with antioxidants, which can protect you from the effects of aging. Guduchi encourages healthy skin and hair as well.



    1 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3644751/

    2 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2924974/



    According to Siddha tradition, herbs are often manifestations of Gods and Goddesses. Tulsi is also known as Holy Basil. Both names are relatively new. It was previously named after Brinda (sometimes spelled Vrinda), a powerful devotee of Vishnu, the God of Wealth and Abundance. Tulsi is considered to be the earthly manifestation of Brinda.

    Brinda’s love for Vishnu gave her and her demon husband incredible powers.

    Tulsi, the herb, increases your capacity for love and opens your Heart Chakra. People who use it report more compassion, understanding and patience. Tulsi also reduces stress and cortisol, the stress hormone. That is why Nambu Botanicals’ PHONEME INFUSED™ Tulsi formula is called Love & Grace.

    Dr. Baskaran Pillai, Nambu’s Founder, explains the practical purpose of recognizing the Goddess in herbs:


    “Brinda was a woman who loved extremely well, but not wisely though. She loved too much, but not wisely.”

    “In the practice of Ayurveda and Siddha Medicine, people have discontinued the rituals associated with the consumption of the herbs. Brinda has to be worshipped. Even in many households, Tulsi is worshipped by particularly women, but they don’t know the story. ... if you do know the story, and worship, you will get the benefits of getting into a form of love that is supported by prudence.”

    “The other thing that I have done is to completely revive, as far as possible, to give the essence of these Siddha/Ayurvedic herbs for people. The herbs become completely powerful only when their phonemes are used to empower them. I call it PHONEME INFUSED™ Herbs.”

    You can read the story of Tulsi below.

    The Story of Tulsi

    Brinda was married to Jalandhara, a demon who was manifested from the anger of Shiva, the Ultimate Karma Removal Archetype, during a fight.

    Brinda was also a devotee of the God of Wealth and Abundance, Vishnu. This gave her tremendous yogic powers. It made her husband very powerful as well, and he defeated all the kings of the Earth. Before long, he even attacked the Gods and Goddesses, defeating them, too.

    Because Jalandhara was born from Shiva’s anger, only Shiva could defeat him.

    Shiva tried to reason with Jalandhara, only to be met with insults. He realized he needed to assemble an army of Gods and Goddesses to destroy him.

    Jalandhara Tries to Trick Shiva’s Wife

    One of Jalandhara’s yogic powers was the art of illusion. He changed forms and tricked the army. Then he took on the form of Shiva and appeared to Shiva’s wife, Parvati. He told her he had defeated Jalandhara.

    Parvati wasn’t fooled. Being as powerful as Shiva, she picked up a sword and threatened Jalandhara with it. Weakened from his earlier battles, he ran away.

    Vishnu Creates a Plan to Defeat Jalandhara

    Vishnu appeared before Parvati. He explained that Jalandhara’s powers came from Brinda’s devotion to Vishnu and came up with a plan.

    As Jalandhara was battling Shiva, Vishnu appeared to Brinda in the form of Jalandhara. He told her he had defeated Shiva and proved his invincibility. This made her stop praying to Vishnu for her husband’s protection. Her prayers were interrupted, giving Shiva the ability to kill him.

    Brinda Rebirths as Tulsi

    When Vishnu explained the trick, and announced the news of Jalandhara’s death, she cursed Vishnu, who accepted the curse. After Vishnu explained that she had a duty to keep her husband’s power and arrogance in check, she fell down and died.

    As Vishnu grieved his greatest devotee, Shiva told him that Vrinda would be reborn as Tulsi, one of the greatest medicinal plants, and a physical embodiment of the power of love and devotion.





    This Full Moon can change your karma & brain more than all the others if you use it wisely.

    Nambu Herbs Founder Dr. Baskaran Pillai explains the power of a miracle-filled night, called Full Moon of the Guru, below. He also provides tips to prepare spiritually in the days and nights leading up to this special night, which is Friday, July 27th. He has given a special mantra for you to use (hint: It’s not Shreem Brzee, although that will help you as well).

    This is a great time to infuse your body and mind with the Ultimate Wealth Mantra, Shreem Brzee, by chanting it and using Nambu’s Shreem Brzee Formula. If you don’t have the formula , you can buy it here at its new lower price.

    A Message from Dr. Pillai:

    Full Moons, in general, have a tremendous amount of power over the brain. The Full Moon of the Guru, or Guru Purnima, can change your brain in a miraculous way.

    This happens because of the Angels, Gurus and Ascended Masters, coming down into this Earth plane during this time…

    This particular Full Moon, this Guru’s Full Moon, is the day when the Gurus come here to help people. So what happens when the Gurus get involved?

    These are people who live in a state of consciousness where it is not difficult to change the reality, or the karma, of the people.

    The Guru is often attributed to have the ability to change the karma of people. They have taken upon themselves this mission of making life easier for people. That is their obligation.

    The Indian Tradition says Guru is none other than God on the Earth plane. In order to be totally transformed by the Guru, you have to look at the Guru as your own Higher Self, as your own God guiding you. If you have the trust, then you are transformed.

    The upcoming Full Moon of The Guru is a very special time. That’s why I do this special program during every Guru Purnima time.

    How to Prepare for Full Moon of the Guru

    Take the 45-Day Shreem Brzee Wealth Mantra Challenge

    Chant Shreem Brzee 100,000 times from July 13th through August 26th. The challenge began on the 13th, but maybe you can still reach 100K. This mantra eliminates poverty consciousness and attracts wealth through the grace of Wealth Goddess Lakshmi. To further infuse your body, blood and mind with wealth consciousness, use Nambu’s Shreem Brzee Formula with Turmeric. The formula is infused with Shreem Brzee and Lakshmi’s blessings. See the Shreem Brzee Wealth Mantra Facebook Group for more details about the challenge and to join the community.


    Chant Om as Loudly as Possible

    Dr. Pillai’s most recent advice on how to prepare for Full Moon of the Guru: “The moment you begin to change your consciousness, everything will change.. That is how you prepare yourself. The easiest thing that you can do is to chant Om (pronounced like ohm) as loudly as possible. Do it as many times as possible, starting from today. Then, on the Full Moon day, whether you come to the program in person, or watch/listen online, or even if you don’t attend: Keep on chanting Om.”




    Did you know that long-term stress can make you more hungry and more likely to eat fattening foods? It can also lead to a “less mindful approach” to eating. The result is weight gain.

    Cortisol, your “fight or flight” stress hormone, increases insulin levels. This makes your blood sugar drop, leading you to reach for the cookies instead of your salad greens. The resulting weight gain, if it persists, can lead to glucose imbalances, blood flow obstruction, heart conditions and other serious problems. (1)

    The good news is you CAN reverse stress-related weight gain using these mindful eating practices and supportive herbs. Try this:

    Eating Tips for Weight Control

    Change the Way Your Food is Presented

    Clinical Psychologist Susan Albers, author of Eating Mindfully, marveled at the way people ate fruit on kebab skewers. They slowed down and savored the fruits more than they would have if they were eating from a bowl. Savoring your food allows you to absorb more nutrients and catch yourself before you overeat.

    Eat in a Quiet Place or “Eat Loudly”

    Can you hear what you eat?  Researchers from Brigham Young and Colorado State told one group to focus on the sounds they made while eating. Another group wore headphones. The second group ate 45% more.  Key takeaway: Eat in a quiet environment and focus on the sounds you make while chewing. (2)

    Consume Veggies with Natural Sugars

    Consuming sweet potatoes, beets and other sweet vegetables may reduce your cravings for candy, ice cream and other fattening foods.

    Don’t Eat in Your Workspace

    Eating at your desk destroys your concentration and therefore interrupts mindful eating.  Eat in a break room or a distraction-free (and quiet) spot outside. This will tell your brain that it’s OK not to multitask.

    Sit Down to Eat

    Instead of eating on the run, be sure to sit down. This will cause less overeating later in the day.

    University of Surrey researchers studied three groups. All three ate granola bars. One group watched TV while eating. A second group walked around. Each person in the third group sat down with a friend. When offered more snacks in a “taste test”, the walkers ate five times as much chocolate as the sitters and TV watchers. They ate more of the other snacks as well, which included carrot sticks, grapes and crisps. Other studies have shown that conversation and TV leads to overeating as well, but it’s clear that walking around is far worse. (3)(4)

    Herbs that Help with Weight Control


    A 2009 Tufts University study found that curcumin, the most touted active ingredient of Turmeric, may help prevent weight gain. New blood vessels must form before your fat tissue can expand and make you heavier. Curcumin appears to depress this process in rats with high-fat diets. (7)

    Korean researchers found that curcumin can turn white fat, the stuff we normally think of as fat, into brown fat. A high brown fat ratio means higher metabolism, because white fat is mainly stored to be used later. Brown fat becomes energy more readily. (8)(9)

    Nambu’s Hi-Health Formula contains Turmeric plus black pepper extract. The extract contains piperine, a compound that can increase the amount of active nutrients you absorb by up to 20 times (10). Taking Turmeric with healthy fats will also increase absorption.

    Hi-Health Formula is infused with sounds that support willpower, ambition and intestinal fortitude, three qualities that Turmeric also supports.

    Buy Hi-Health Formula


    Tulsi helps prevent sudden changes in blood sugar levels. It also lowers cortisol. Both properties help prevent cravings for unhealthy food. For those with hormone-induced weight gain, Tulsi can also help balance your hormones. (5)(6)

    Tulsi’s also widely used to reduce stress and increase patience and compassion.

    To revive ancient Ayurveda and Siddha Medicine traditions, Nambu’s infuses its Love & Grace Tulsi Formula with sounds that support compassion and the Heart Chakra.


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    Lord Ganesha, the beloved, elephant-headed Archetype, is most accessible on 4th and 14th Moon phases in the Vedic calendar. The next 14th moon is June 10th. This is a powerful time to call upon the "obstacle remover God," and access his super intelligence.  According to Siddha wisdom, you can turbo-charge your results using specific, PHONEME-INFUSED™ herbs and mantras that will activate your ROOT and CROWN chakras to merge your consciousness with Ganesha's divine intelligence. 

    Nambu Herbs Founder Dr. Pillai shares his insights on Ganesha’s infinite intelligence:  “Ganesha’s special intelligence can be employed to remove obstacles which you cannot even conceive of, because you confront obstacles only after they occur.  

    Meditation on Ganesha will give you the ability to solve your problems. This is because, whatever you focus on, you become that. If you meditate on Ganesha over and over and over again, then you acquire his powers.”


    Ganesha’s Mantras for Superhuman Intelligence & Obstacle Removal

    You can meditate on Ganesha with these sounds:


    Short mantra: Gum
    Pronounced just like bubblegum. Prolong the syllable.


    Maha mantra: Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha
    Pronounced ohm gum gah-nah-pah-tah-YAY NAH-mah-hah.

    Clear obstacles between you and Ganesha with this unique, PHONEME INFUSED™ combination of formulas. All Nambu formulas are supercharged with sounds according to ancient Ayurveda and Siddha Medicine traditions.

    These adaptogenic superherbs work synergistically to activate your higher intelligence, boost intuition and dissolve unwanted karma.  All three work beautifully together but can also be used alone according to your needs. 

    **HI-HEALTH Formula (Turmeric): Cleanses the Root and Navel chakras for removal of fear. In fact, a study found that Turmeric weakens and suppresses traumatic fear memories (1). Turmeric increases willpower as well. Hi-Health includes black pepper extract to increase absorption of the active nutrients in the Turmeric. Take 2 capsules daily after food.


                                                 Buy Hi-Health Formula


    ** ENLIGHTENMENT FORMULA (Eclipta Alba): Enables you to merge with Ganesha's vast intelligence, connecting you to the universal energies and psychic experiences. It calms and activates your 3rd Eye and Crown Chakras. Eclipta Alba is also a powerful meditation aid. Take one or two capsules daily. 

                                              Buy Enlightenment Formula

    ** VINPOCETINE  Vinpocetine is a “smart nutrient” facilitating cerebral metabolism by improving blood flow throughout the entire brain. The better communication between your cells, the better you perform, mentally and physically. Vinpocetine powers the brain by stepping up the production of cellular energy and increasing glucose and oxygen utilization.

                                      Buy VINPOCETINE 

    1. https://www.medicaldaily.com/curcumin-compound-turmeric-found-impair-fear-memories-and-ease-ptsd-symptoms-313768


    Pisces is the mystical house of Transcendence, Higher Consciousness and liberation as well as losses. According to Vedic Astrology, the Sun began its transit through the 12th house, Pisces, on March 14th. Read More


    Lord Ganesha's Message for this auspicious 4th Moon and the Spring Equinox is, "BEGINNINGS!" 

    Lord Ganesha reminds us he is with us at the start of any new endeavor.  He advises that now is the time to go boldly forward. There is new energy on the horizon that brings bold-hearted opportunities.  

    Lord Ganesha encourages us to TRUST our inner knowing and release the need to bring others into our vision.  He says: "Be willing to do the work needed at this time.  Creativity, finances and love are flowing."  Ask Ganesha to assist you with the new energies and opportunities ahead.    Spring forward!  

    Whispers of Lord Ganesha by Angela Hartfield.

    How strong is your prana? Prana or Holy Breath is life force energy -- and we all have it!  You can live without speech, sight or hearing, but when the breath (prana) leaves, the physical body dies.

    But prana is much more than just the breath. It is the life force of the Universe and all creation.

    When our prana is blocked or depleted we may experience "dis-ease" of the mind and/or body. But we can ease these conditions almost immediately through the use of prana-boosting PHONEME-INFUSED™ herbs and lifestyle techniques that empower your health, happiness, brain power, and your ability to manifest, to create and to attract divine, synchronistic “coincidences."

    Keep reading, and expand your prana using these six powerful practices:

    Be Mindful of Energy-Sucking Environments

    Certain environments drain prana.  Places to avoid include the greedy, desperate energy of a casino, the anxiety we often experience around hospitals or the sensory overload created by loud industrial environments. We can also preserve protect our prana by limiting our time around gossips, demanding relatives, and people who drain us by constantly taking -- our attention, time, or sympathy - while giving nothing back to the relationship.   

    Appreciate Beauty

    When you appreciate beauty, you’re opening yourself to prana. Go out for a walk and enjoy the plant life you see, or the sunset, or stars, or the moon. Give thanks to all of them.

    Eat Fresh Foods

    Processed foods are filled with preservatives that drain your prana.  Wherever possible,treat your body to fresh fruits and vegetables filled with life force energy.  If you’re pressed for time or on a limited budget, frozen, pre-cut vegetables are also a good choice, because they are harvested when ripe.

    The Conscious Breath & Third-Eye Breathing

    The ancient languages of Greek, Aramaic and Hebrew each had a word for Holy Breath. They were pneuma (the root of “pneumonia”), ruha and ruach. In modern English, it’s called the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost. Although you wouldn’t know it from medieval British translations, Jesus taught that Spirit and breath are inseparable in human life.

    Conscious breathing energizes your brain and body with prana. Your breath is also an indicator of the state of your prana and mind. If you’re anxious or suppressing uncomfortable memories or emotions,  your breathing becomes shallow and restricted.. When the mind is free and open, your breath is deeper and your prana is calm.

    Third Eye Breathing Exercise

    This is a variation of the yoga pranayama exercise called “Alternate Nostril Breathing”. It has at least two other names in Sanskrit. As taught in yoga studios, this practice helps you open your third eye and still your prana. Adding an extra visualization to it can enhance the effects on the Third Eye.

    1 Take the index and middle fingers of the right hand and place their tips in the Third Eye area. It’s just above the point between the two eyebrows, and your pea-size pineal gland is just a little bit inward from there. Cover your right nostril with your thumb. Keep the ring finger ready to cover the left nostril. Also keep the fingers touching your Third Eye point straight.

    2 With the right nostril covered with your thumb, inhale a long and steady breath through the left nostril for a count of eight. Imagine that your breath is white light entering your Third Eye, and feel your Third Eye getting brighter. Feel it cleansing your pineal gland, the physical component of the Third Eye.

    3 Hold the breath for a count of four, and enjoy the feeling of stillness between breaths.

    4 Unplug your right nostril and cover the left nostril with your ring finger. Exhale through the right nostril for a count of eight. Imagine all tension and negativity exiting with the breath.

    5 Hold the breath for a count of four. These pauses will energize your brain and Third Eye with prana.

    6.With the right nostril still open, inhale for a count of eight. Visualize white light nourishing and cleansing your Third Eye.

    7 Hold for a four count.

    8 Cover the right nostril again and exhale bad energy and tension out the left nostril.

    9 Pause for a count of four.

    10 Repeat all of the above, beginning with inhaling through the left nostril.

    Herbs That Improve Your Prana


    Guduchi for Longevity, Breathing & Anxiety Support 

    Guduchi is known in India as Amrit, which means the Elixir of Immortality. It’s packed with prana-enhancing antioxidants. It is said to connect your soul, body and speech with your life purpose. Many people use it to calm anxious thought patterns without feeling “drugged”. Nambu’s infusion of Siddha Yogi sounds supports the Throat Chakra and healthy self-expression.

    Bacopa for the Third Eye, Calming Nerves & Enhancing Memory

    Bacopa is the primary herb for your Third Eye, which plays a role in regulating prana and connecting you to its most refined, subtle forms. Bacopa calms nervous prana, increases intuition, supplies your brain with oxygen and enhances memory. Nambu’s Hi-Memory Formula is infused with sound frequencies that support the Third Eye.

    Eclipta Alba for Higher Consciousness & Stronger Prana

    Eclipta Alba activates the Crown Chakra. When this center is activated, a flood of prana circulates through your entire body. This calms the mind and brings many other benefits. Eclipta Alba makes meditation easier and improves memory as well. Nambu’s Enlightenment Formula is infused with Siddha sounds that support Higher Consciousness.

    Tulsi for Compassion, Graceful Interactions & Calm Breath

    Tulsi reduces the stress hormone, cortisol. It also calms stress and anxiety, loosens mucus and supports deep and calm breathing. Love & Grace Formula is one you’ll really appreciate in environments that drain your prana. It can increase your compassion and your ability to navigate these environments without stress. Love & Grace is infused with sounds that support the Heart Chakra and compassion.