Your Life Force Affects Everything - How to Manage It

How strong is your prana? Prana or Holy Breath is life force energy -- and we all have it!  You can live without speech, sight or hearing, but when the breath (prana) leaves, the physical body dies.

But prana is much more than just the breath. It is the life force of the Universe and all creation.

When our prana is blocked or depleted we may experience "dis-ease" of the mind and/or body. But we can ease these conditions almost immediately through the use of prana-boosting PHONEME-INFUSED™ herbs and lifestyle techniques that empower your health, happiness, brain power, and your ability to manifest, to create and to attract divine, synchronistic “coincidences."

Keep reading, and expand your prana using these six powerful practices:

Be Mindful of Energy-Sucking Environments

Certain environments drain prana.  Places to avoid include the greedy, desperate energy of a casino, the anxiety we often experience around hospitals or the sensory overload created by loud industrial environments. We can also preserve protect our prana by limiting our time around gossips, demanding relatives, and people who drain us by constantly taking -- our attention, time, or sympathy - while giving nothing back to the relationship.   

Appreciate Beauty

When you appreciate beauty, you’re opening yourself to prana. Go out for a walk and enjoy the plant life you see, or the sunset, or stars, or the moon. Give thanks to all of them.

Eat Fresh Foods

Processed foods are filled with preservatives that drain your prana.  Wherever possible,treat your body to fresh fruits and vegetables filled with life force energy.  If you’re pressed for time or on a limited budget, frozen, pre-cut vegetables are also a good choice, because they are harvested when ripe.

The Conscious Breath & Third-Eye Breathing

The ancient languages of Greek, Aramaic and Hebrew each had a word for Holy Breath. They were pneuma (the root of “pneumonia”), ruha and ruach. In modern English, it’s called the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost. Although you wouldn’t know it from medieval British translations, Jesus taught that Spirit and breath are inseparable in human life.

Conscious breathing energizes your brain and body with prana. Your breath is also an indicator of the state of your prana and mind. If you’re anxious or suppressing uncomfortable memories or emotions,  your breathing becomes shallow and restricted.. When the mind is free and open, your breath is deeper and your prana is calm.

Third Eye Breathing Exercise

This is a variation of the yoga pranayama exercise called “Alternate Nostril Breathing”. It has at least two other names in Sanskrit. As taught in yoga studios, this practice helps you open your third eye and still your prana. Adding an extra visualization to it can enhance the effects on the Third Eye.

1 Take the index and middle fingers of the right hand and place their tips in the Third Eye area. It’s just above the point between the two eyebrows, and your pea-size pineal gland is just a little bit inward from there. Cover your right nostril with your thumb. Keep the ring finger ready to cover the left nostril. Also keep the fingers touching your Third Eye point straight.

2 With the right nostril covered with your thumb, inhale a long and steady breath through the left nostril for a count of eight. Imagine that your breath is white light entering your Third Eye, and feel your Third Eye getting brighter. Feel it cleansing your pineal gland, the physical component of the Third Eye.

3 Hold the breath for a count of four, and enjoy the feeling of stillness between breaths.

4 Unplug your right nostril and cover the left nostril with your ring finger. Exhale through the right nostril for a count of eight. Imagine all tension and negativity exiting with the breath.

5 Hold the breath for a count of four. These pauses will energize your brain and Third Eye with prana.

6.With the right nostril still open, inhale for a count of eight. Visualize white light nourishing and cleansing your Third Eye.

7 Hold for a four count.

8 Cover the right nostril again and exhale bad energy and tension out the left nostril.

9 Pause for a count of four.

10 Repeat all of the above, beginning with inhaling through the left nostril.

Herbs That Improve Your Prana


Guduchi for Longevity, Breathing & Anxiety Support 

Guduchi is known in India as Amrit, which means the Elixir of Immortality. It’s packed with prana-enhancing antioxidants. It is said to connect your soul, body and speech with your life purpose. Many people use it to calm anxious thought patterns without feeling “drugged”. Nambu’s infusion of Siddha Yogi sounds supports the Throat Chakra and healthy self-expression.

Bacopa for the Third Eye, Calming Nerves & Enhancing Memory

Bacopa is the primary herb for your Third Eye, which plays a role in regulating prana and connecting you to its most refined, subtle forms. Bacopa calms nervous prana, increases intuition, supplies your brain with oxygen and enhances memory. Nambu’s Hi-Memory Formula is infused with sound frequencies that support the Third Eye.

Eclipta Alba for Higher Consciousness & Stronger Prana

Eclipta Alba activates the Crown Chakra. When this center is activated, a flood of prana circulates through your entire body. This calms the mind and brings many other benefits. Eclipta Alba makes meditation easier and improves memory as well. Nambu’s Enlightenment Formula is infused with Siddha sounds that support Higher Consciousness.

Tulsi for Compassion, Graceful Interactions & Calm Breath

Tulsi reduces the stress hormone, cortisol. It also calms stress and anxiety, loosens mucus and supports deep and calm breathing. Love & Grace Formula is one you’ll really appreciate in environments that drain your prana. It can increase your compassion and your ability to navigate these environments without stress. Love & Grace is infused with sounds that support the Heart Chakra and compassion.