You Can Access Enlightenment on This Night (Learn How)

Access the Archetype of Enlightenment
During the Most Powerful New Moon of the Year

The Great Night of Shiva: February 24th

Take Sound-Activated Eclipta Alba to Enhance Your Experience
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Why Enlightenment Matters to You

Have you ever felt that there was more to you than you were aware of?

For instance, did you know modern scientists say that 95% of your DNA is ‘junk DNA’ and that you are only using 5-10% of your brain's full abilities? It makes you wonder: “What would happen if I had access to all of this dormant potential?”

According to the Siddha Masters, you would be ‘enlightened’.

To them, enlightenment means awakening to your full power, intelligence and abilities, which they say is your birthright. If you’ve ever wanted to become ‘more’, whether you know it or not, you have been seeking enlightenment.

Who is the Archetype of Enlightenment?

Well, he’s YOU.

An Archetype is a personification of different aspects of your dormant potential. The Archetype ‘Shiva’ personifies your highest consciousness, sometimes known as the ‘higher-self’. He is unlimited in his intelligence, power, and ability to do, and symbolizes that which we all aspire to - enlightenment.

This Archetype will be at peak power on February 24th of 2017, which is known as the ‘Great Night of Shiva’. On this night, you can easily connect with this part of yourself and gain greater access to your dormant potential.

The Moon-Enlightenment Connection

During the Great Night of Shiva, it will be a ‘New Moon’- the darkest moon phase. Why is this significant?

“The Moon is very closely associated with the Mind Principle. Every phase of the Moon brings specific energies to the world, which affect the psycho and physical systems, particularly the mind. We all know that during the full moon, people get excited, especially people in mental institutions. They are imbalanced during that time due to the brain’s response to the Full Moon.

Siddha Masters knew there was immense power in every phase of the Moon. During the Night of Shiva called Shivaratri, which comes once a year, you have a great opportunity to come into contact with higher states of consciousness - you can become awakened.”

Dr. Baskaran Pillai, Nambu Botanicals founder

The Secret Siddha Herb for Enlightenment: Eclipta Alba

Although a wonder-herb even by modern standards, the true secret of Eclipta Alba, which has been guarded by the Siddha Masters for countless generations, is that it is the herb that can facilitate enlightenment. The most recent demonstration of this was by the great Siddha Master, Swami Ramalingam, who was documented as having turned his body into light (the final goal of enlightenment) by the British in 1874. In his memoirs, he attributed the herb Eclipta Alba as being responsible for his achievement. Swami Ramalingam also attributed the Archetype Shiva for having introduced him to it. The Siddhas believe it was Shiva who brought this herb to the earth plane out of his mercy and compassion.

According to the Siddhas, one of the most powerful ways to access Eclipta Alba’s enlightenment benefits is through sound-activation. They discovered a specific ‘key-sound’ which unlocks the herb’s nuclear potential, and dramatically enhances its potency.

Through the guidance of our founder, Siddha Master Dr. Baskaran Pillai, we have deployed this sound technology to create our ‘Enlightenment Formula’ - sound-activated Eclipta Alba.

Esoteric ‘Chronopharmacology’

Chronopharmacology is a term used by modern scientists which deals with the effects of taking drugs at certain times. The Siddha Masters were adepts at this, and used esoteric chronopharmacology to both harvest and ingest herbs for maximum benefits. The Great Night of Shiva is considered one of, if not the most impactful times of the year to benefit from ingesting sound-activated Eclipta Alba. It can help you tap into the Shiva Archetype, and bring your unconscious potential into your conscious awareness.

Take advantage by ordering your Eclipta Alba now, so your body can assimilate it during one of its peak powertimes.

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