You Are God

Swami Ramalingam is the Siddha Yogi and poet best-known for turning his body into light in front of 100 devotees and government officials in 1874. What was his point?

His point was to tell his devotees, you, and everyone else that you and God are one, not two. The separation is the result of an illusion that matter is solid. That solidity is just an interpretation. When we can overcome it, we can become light just like the Swami.

Mystics of every religion and spiritual path have been saying this for millennia. You’ll find it in the poetry of Rumi, the Sufi poet, and Kabir, the 15th century Indian poet. Numerous Catholic Saints have also expressed this.

“My I is God, nor is any other self known to me except my God.” - Catherine of Genoa, Catholic Saint, 15th Century Italy

“What matters is your realization that you are emptiness, you are God, and that is the truth. Everything else is the untruth.Who you are is God, unlimited consciousness, and that is your Real Self. But you are subjected to maya (illusion) and ego that seem to be real, not emptiness. The time has come for you to realize that.” - Dr. Pillai, Founder of Nambu Botanicals, Pillai Center for Mind Science, & Astroved 


The Herb for Realizing the Light Body 


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