Winter Detox Tips To Beat The Holiday Bloat


Holiday season is in full swing, and we’re surrounded by delicious food, sugar-laden lattes and alcohol.  

While many of us resign ourselves to start dieting or detoxing on January 1st - these daily detox tips will put you ahead of the game (while still making merry).  

Healthy winter detox tips:

  • Usa a sauna. Your skin is your largest organ, and a lot of toxins exit through it. Saunas and sweat lodges are great ways to take full advantage of your skin’s eliminatory abilities.
  • Add lemon juice to your water. Lemon juice not only supplies your body with natural Vitamin C, but the flavonoids and the citric acid provide many more benefits. They include a cleaner colon, improved digestion, reduction of bad bacteria in the mouth and gut, healthy skin, improved liver function and much more. Use the juice of one or two lemons, depending on your body weight, in water. For extra colon cleansing power, drink it warm.
  • Fast. Fasting is a powerful practice for eliminating toxins. If you can’t go very long without eating, try a fruit and juice fast. Eat just enough fruit to avoid hunger pains, and hydrate with either juice or juice mixed with water.
  • Choose your foods wisely. Any good detox protocol involves doing nice things for the liver. We’ve mentioned lemon juice. Detoxifying foods include leafy greens, broccoli, garlic, onions, apples, ginger and avocados. Try this greens, onions, ginger and pepper recipe that’s getting amazing reviews. It even includes Turmeric, a very popular detox food with thousands of scientific studies to back its benefits. The black pepper in the recipe increases the amount of Turmeric your body uses.
  • Drink lots of water. With or without lemon juice, water cleans the colon, carries nutrients to all of your organs, helps you eliminate waste through the bladder and colon and much more. Don’t drink a gallon all at once, or your body will just try to get rid of it. Drink about 64 ounces or more over the course of the day.
  • Meditate. Add some mental detox to your physical detox. Meditation loosens up emotional and physical tension and heals the body and mind. It also helps you release physical toxins.

Don’t Forget These Detox Herbs

Detox herbs include Milk Thistle (1), Eclipta Alba and Turmeric. All of them are packed with antioxidants. They also enhance liver function, and even repair the liver. The flavonoids in Eclipta Alba protect the liver (2), and a study of rats injected with a liver toxin lowered the mortality rate from 77% to 22% (3). It has the added benefits of activating the crown chakra, improving memory and enhancing meditation. The curcuminoids in Turmeric also protect the liver and enhance its functions. More benefits include brain protection, reduced inflammation and better moods.

Enlightenment Formula contains Eclipta Alba plus sound vibrations to help the crown chakra.

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Use Turmeric for Willpower? Wait What?

Having trouble resisting holiday treats and cocktails?

We trust turmeric to help keep us on-track. Why? Curcumin is not only prized as a full-body anti-inflammatory and godsend to the liver, but it also increases neuronal development, lifts moods and strengthens willpower.

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