Tulsi - The Natural Super Adaptogen for Travel Stress

Traveling is fun. Even if you’re traveling on business, a change of scenery can be exciting. If you have some time off during business travel, there are all kinds of fun things to do and learn.

Traveling can also be stressful, both physically and mentally. Traveling to and from the USA is no picnic these days. If you ride coach on the plane, you may be subjected to crowded conditions and extra stress related to noise. Radiation exposure is higher at those altitudes, and oxygen is more scarce.

And then there’s jetlag.

Nambu Botanicals has a secret to stress-free travel that is rarely known in the West.

Our angel herb, Love and Grace to the rescue! If you start using Love and Grace, Tulsi before and on your trip, you will be better able to manage the emotional, mental and physical stresses. Why Tulsi? Its an amazing adaptogen. Adaptogens “greatly improve your body's ability to adapt to stress, whether it's a hectic schedule, heat or cold, noise, high altitudes or any number of other stressors. This elite class of herbs impart strength, energy, stamina, endurance, and improve mental clarity.” Medicine Hunter Chris Kilham, Oprah & Friends

Tulsi is a Great Travel Companion 

  • Reduces the stress of flying
  • Protects against diseases when traveling
  • Supplies you & your brain with oxygen on the plane
  • Protects against radiation at high altitudes
  • Opens the heart for freer communication
  • Reduces anxiety for a smoother trip 

Phoneme infused Love & Grace Tulsi Formula makes traveling graceful.

Optimize Joy with a Natural Super Adaptogen 

Adaptogens boost the body’s ability to respond to stress with grace. They also increase resilience and mental health. 

Tulsi, aka Holy Basil, is a natural super adaptogen that is perfect for traveling. It eases anxiety and opens the heart chakra. It’s a powerful antidote to frustrated fellow passengers and screaming babies. These qualities could even help you not only tolerate a tense situation, but to become a good moderator when people start bumping heads. 

Studies show Tulsi also increases the flow of blood and oxygen to your brain and organs. This makes up for the lower oxygen levels during the flight. It also decreases stress and increases intelligence and creativity.

Eating Tip! 

To tune in to your hunger cues and become a more mindful eater, try these moves.

Start with: Do I really want this?

Taking a brief pause before we have that first bite to ask this simple question helps gauge hunger level and assess why we’re eating; perhaps its more out of boredom or fatigue than a response to an empty stomach. ‘If you’re in a car driving cross-country and you see a gas station, you wouldn’t immediately pull off—you’d check  your fuel gauge’. A simple way to remember to do this; leave a stickle on the computer or laptop that reads “Am I hungry?”

~Time Magazine, July 2017

In Traveling Compassion,

Nambu Botanicals Team

Tulsi Prevents Diseases and Infections 

Traveling puts you at greater risk of infections and diseases. Travel stress also lowers your resistance to these ailments. According to research, Tulsi not only reduces stress, but it also boosts the immune system in other ways. 

The Effects of Tulsi are Cumulative

Don’t forget about the benefits of our phoneme infusion process either. Love & Grace Tulsi Formula is infused with sacred Power Sounds that activate love, intimacy, forgiveness and a connection to God through love. 

Don’t wait until your next trip before enjoying this amazing natural super adaptogen herb and food. Make it a regular part of your day and enjoy cognitive clarity, graceful love, lower stress and nutrients that contribute to a long and healthy life.