Tulsi: A Living Mythology Of Love

Looking for a magical Mother's Day gift?  Consider Tulsi (LOVE & GRACE Formula) - a remarkable adaptogenic herb that reduces stress and opens the heart chakra to give and receive love.   

Nambu Herbs Founder Dr. Pillai recounts the living mythology of Tulsi:  

It is Mother's Day time. I want to talk about, for this very sacred time, an herb that will promote Love & Grace. It comes from the Siddha Ayurveda tradition.

Tulsi is a more modern name. The original name was Vrinda. The mythological story starts in Lemuria.  Vrinda was a woman who loved extremely well. She loved too much, but not wisely. This is an expression that I got from Shakespeare’s Othello. You have to love wisely. You should not love too much, but if you do, you should love wisely. The herb has a story of loving wisely,

Siva told Vrinda, “Hey, you will become a plant and will become a symbol of great love and devotion, and also a dedication to God. This will be your power.”  

What it means symbolically is that if you consume this herb, you will love wisely. You will love also with a great amount of power, unconditionally and uninterruptedly, too.

That’s what she was doing. She was loving the husband and the God, both. That’s why I called this herb “Love & Grace.”


Reviving the Lost Practices of Siddha Medicine

In the practice of Ayurveda and Siddha medicine, people have discontinued the rituals associated with the consumption of the herbs. Vrinda has to be worshipped. Even in many households, Tulsi the plant is worshipped by women, but they don’t know the story. If you do know the story, and worship, you will get the benefits of getting into a form of love that is supported by prudence.

The other thing that I have done is to completely revive, as much as possible, the essence of these Siddha herbs for people. The herbs become completely powerful only when their phonemes are used to empower them. I call it Phoneme Infused herbs, and I have been doing that for several herbs.

We also did that for Bacopa, which is an herb for the Goddess of Education. It is named as Saraswati Monnieri, after Saraswati, the Goddess of Education. She is also called Brahmi, being the wife of Brahma.

Vrinda, or Tulsi, became the third herb of Nambu Botanicals.


Nambu’s Mother’s Day Favorites


These herbs came from other galaxies. The herbs themselves, to start with, were beings who became plants. The original concept of plants, within the Indian tradition, is that these are Gods and Goddesses who came to this Earth plane in order to save humanity.

Love & Grace (Tulsi) Formula for Calm & Wise Love

Tulsi, aka Holy Basil, opens the heart chakra so that we may experience unconditional love. Our Love and Grace Formula is also PHONEME INFUSED™ to activate love, intimacy, forgiveness and a connection to the Mother through love.

Valli W, Verified Buyer:

“Since taking Love & Grace, I feel like I have been receiving very gentle, yet deep lessons in taking my focus out of the "news" and personal reactions to the political waves of the day. I feel am being shown to put more focus on serving all the people, regardless of their views. I feel more called to lay down an old ego identity and to become more compassionate.”

“... Knowing that the Nambu Botanicals herbal products are phoneme-infused is very interesting to me, as I do feel sound vibrations have a tremendous impact, and this is a unique feature of your formulas.”

Shreem Brzee (Turmeric)  Formula for Energy & Abundance

One of the Sanskrit names of Turmeric is Kanchani, which translates as the Golden Goddess. When you consume turmeric, you may experience a love that nurtures multiple systems of the body. Your face may even light up, which leads us to another Sanskrit name for Turmeric. Gauri means someone with a shining face full of light.

Rose W, Verified Buyer:

“I recently started taking Shreem Brzee and it's really helped me to get rid of negativity surrounding prosperity, money, and abundance. I've had a few cleansing experiences that have helped to set me on the road to success. I can also get into meditation in a deeper and more profound way. I simply love it.”


Guduchi for Longevity & Resilience

Michael Trump, Verified Buyer:

“Excellent product, I can feel it going to work clearing out my throat from years of smoking, and it gives me greater expression to speak my truth.”