Tips to keep in mind when downing a capsule of Bacopa

Tips to keep in mind when downing a capsule of Bacopa:

1. Keep in mind this herb is named after a Goddess – Brahmi. This is a name for Saraswati, the wife of the Creator God, Brahman. She is the archetypal Goddess of learning, wisdom and power speech. Since her vibration is in the herb + sacred phonemes infused in it, you’ll find Her energy available to you.
2. Say the sound YA. Make it long, YAAAAAAA.Focus in between your eyebrows at the 3rdeye chakra. This will activate Bacopa even more in your body. Modern-day biophysics call this nano-technology ☺.
Say Ya at least once a day for 30 seconds, either in the shower or on your way to work. Out loud is better at first. You’ll notice a difference in your memory and concentration.

Note: If you’ve ever drank alcohol (that includes wine and beer) you’ve lost a few brain cells, Bacopa is one of the few herbs that will build and repair brain cells.
3. Hi-Memory activates your 3rd eye, which is a good thing all day long.
It gives vision to your projects so you see the big picture. And, of course, the 3rd eye will give you the ability to see and know things from a higher consciousness.
How to take:
Take with some liquid, like juice, coconut water or milk, either in the morning or after work in the afternoon. You only need 1 per day.

It's an amazing stress reliever, so morning is a good time to take it. It also has a relaxing effect, so the evening is good as well. It works really well with Guduchi for this purpose.
HI-Memory is cooling, and it calms FIRE. If you have too much Fire, you will know because you’ll start to get indigestion and a little more on the irritated side.

Bacopa eliminates excess AIR. You’ll know if this is happening because you’ll likely get mild headaches.

The herb also pacifies EARTH, too much of which can cause you to gain weight. 
Phoneme infusedtm Hi-Memory Formula with Bacopa is great in the following ways:  

  • Supports Stable Mood: If you experience energy, focus or mood concerns, taking Hi-Memory could help.  
  • Supports Healthy Digestion: Stress can irritate the mucus membrane lining of the gut. 
  • Supports long term and short term memory and learning: Bacopa enhances the activity of neurotransmitters like acetylcholine, serotonin and dopamine. 

Since we phoneme infuse our herbs, the herbs have life. That's why we put an energetic vibration in the form of sound in the herb, so the herb has chemical and sacred power. By taking Hi-Memory, you have the energy of powerful cosmic force
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