Third eye chakra

 What is third eye chakra ?

The sixth chakra is known as the 3rd eye chakra, located in the forehead at the space in between the eye brows. Hence, it is called the brow chakra. It is the gateway of our creativity, imagination and intuition. It helps us to think more clearly and develops our skill at imagination.

The Sanskrit name for the sixth chakra is Ajna, meaning "command" or "perception." The chakra of mind, Ajna helps us think clearly.


Location: center of the forehead, between the eyes.

Color: indigo

Element: light

Organs: eyes, nose, ears, sinus, cerebellum and central nervous system.

If the 3rd eye chakra stops functioning properly, it can lead to vision problems, headaches, sleeping disorders, poor concentration, lack of clarity, egotism, trouble in imagination, and lack of insight.

Open-mindedness, good eyesight, calm mind, good sense of time, a healthy sleep-wake cycle, clear thinking and focus, imagination and creativity are signs that the 3rd eye chakra is in balance.

The 3rd eye chakra is associated with the pituitary and the pineal gland. This area of the brain helps in communication and creative ability.

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Yoga for 3rd eye chakra:

Child pose: Come down to child pose, bend foreward and touch your forehead to the floor. Stretch your hands in front as shown in the figure below. Close your eyes and breath softly. 

Seated meditation:  Find yourself in a comfortable seated position on the floor. Close your eyes, rub your hands together to generate heat on your palms. Place your palm on your eyes and feel the warmth of the palm. Once you lose the heat, repeat once more.