The Siddhas - An Evolution of Medicine and Spiritual Power

Siddha Medicine, unique to Tamil Nadu in South India is an ancient form of care and healing which promotes health from within.   Siddha Medicine is health-oriented and Ayurveda is more disease-oriented, however both systems often overlap.

In the Siddha system of medicine, the sages or Siddhas often played the role of physician, healer, therapist and shaman and practiced these ancient healing arts, along with herbs, prayers and mantras.   A Siddha is known to have achieved a high degree of physical and spiritual perfection and enlightenment.

There were 18 Siddhas that became well known: 

1. Agasthiyar 10. Ramadevar
2. Kamalamuni 11. Nandeeswarar (Nandidevar)
3. Thirumoolar 12. Edaikkadar
4. Kuthambai 13. Machamuni
5. Korakkar 14. Karuvoorar
6. Thanvandri 15. Bogar
7. Konganar 16. Pambadi Siddhar
8. Sattamuni 17. Sundarandandar
9. Vanmeegar 18. Pantanjali

Nambu Botanicals has incorporated the knowledge of some of these Siddhas in their products.

In the next weeks to come, Nambu Botanicals will be exploring the vast wealth of knowledge of these ancient Siddhas along with their Siddhi powers.

As you enter the world of Nambu phoneme infused ™ herbs and botanicals, you are also flowing towards another level of health and healing.   Healing the emotional, physical and mental bodies can be achieved through the continued use of our products.  The quantum frequencies received through the phoneme infusion process of the herbs will help you to cross over the threshold of illness, disease and pain and into states of relief, hope, comfort, happiness, health, joy and good fortune!

Kind of like a genie in a bottle.

But in this case, a Siddha Master in a bottle, watching over you and your journey of healing and rejuvenation.


Maha Sivaratri on February 24th, 2017

The Great Night of Shiva is coming up on February 24th, 2017!

This is a period where all prayers and time spent meditating to Lord Shiva is amplified.  The Great Night of Shiva is coming up this Friday, February 24th. As you may recall, the Great Night of Shiva is your once-a-year opportunity to accumulate the equivalent of a million years of meditation in a single night by meditating and calling upon Shiva’s energy of peace and prosperity.
You simply do not want to miss this time!

"For about 12 hours, from 6pm in the evening to 6am in the morning, is the Great Night of Shiva (Shivaratri) night time. If you manage to keep vigil, that is worth doing, according to scriptures, millions of years of meditation.

This time is really the descent of Lord Shiva into this Earth plane."  - Dr. Pillai

Maha Shivaratri and Nambu Herbs Checklist:

  1. Take the Enlightenment Formula prior to meditating, preferably earlier in the day, with food.
  2. Our Eclipta Alba has been infused with phonemes, pumping up the herb’s potential for healing. The herbs are infused with specific brain chakra sound vibrations that increase the potency of this power-house herb.
  3. Eat light vegetarian meals during the day to maximize your connection to the energies of the Archetype of Shiva.
  4. Drink a lot of water during the day and during your meditation to help your liver detox.
  5. Create a sacred space, light a candle and have a photo of Lord Shiva nearby. Offer a flower to Lord Shiva.
  6. Perhaps have some of your favourite incense burning. Turn off your cell phone.
  7. Enjoy your meditation and be happy that you have made time to do this!

Yours in Abundant Health,

Nambu Botanicals