The Secret To Removing Blocks Within Your Life

We all have to work with blocks and "no's".  But behind each obstacle there is a divine message. And its not a  message for you to give up and tell yourself you're not good enough.. there is a higher intelligence showing you another path.

Every Block Presents a New Opportunity.  And here is my best block buster strategy:

1. When I get a "No", or my direction appears to be an impossible one...I remember Dr. Pillai's words, "Its Never Over." Dr. Pillai mentions, "there's a reason for everything and a new and better path is being revealed".  You just need to figure out what path that is, which leads me to to my next point.  

2. Seek divine assistance. This is a spiritual herbal program for building money. So i have to bring up the amazing being who can help remove obstacles and give you new intelligence. You guessed it! Ganesha, the Elephant headed God.  He is widely popular and you can find a picture that you resonate with. I keep his pic visible and chant his mantra, GUM.  He will give the intelligence to figure out a much better path..if you want to know more about Ganesha, go to Dr. Pillai's Youtube channel, Pillai Center and search on Ganesha. Interesting note:  In Hinduism, NambuNayaki is Ganesha's mother.

3. Sometimes it's better to wait.  There's a fine line between acting and waiting for a better time.  The only thing that's helped me to decide what to do when things come to a screaming to mediate on it.  If you continually ask what to do for 30 mins with no interruption, you will have  your answer.  This is a little harder than it seems, but works wonders. The universe is always trying to communicate with you.  

4. Talk to a supportive influence or friend.  When I get frustrated, I have a tendency to internalize and that makes the problem bigger than it actually is.  Negativity doesn't live when I authentically share with someone and ask for advice.  One little pitfall here - don't complain about your situation, just explain it and ask for help for next steps.  

5. Take Hi-Health!

Physical benefits of Turmeric: 

  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Reducing inflammation and oxidative stress 
  • Studies are showing that it can induce cellular degradation
  • Promotes healthy liver function by eliminating free radicals 

Psychological benefits of Turmeric:

  • Will help you Concentrate 
  • Creates a relaxed flow of energy through your navel chakra 
  • Promotes positivity and focus so you can reach your goals YEAHHH!