The REAL Purpose of Relationships

Relationships Could be the Most Important Part of Your Life

Think back to all the moments of your life. Think of the most powerful moments. They probably involve some type of relationship. Some of your biggest joys and harshest pain likely came from relationships. Even if you were alone during an intense mystical awakening, did it not feel like you were connecting with something larger and more intelligent than yourself?

It's one of the biggest parts of your journey on Earth, says Dr. Pillai.

It's the area where you work out the most karma.

Stress Taxes Your “Emotional Availability”

Relax and BE YOURSELF; Ganesha’s Message About Relationships

This is the first card we drew on our Ganesha messages on Facebook (check it out for the full reading.. . Relax and be yourself. You will be loved for it!

Herbal Help for Healthy Relationships

Love & Grace with Tulsi (Holy Basil) will help you relax, open your heart chakra and solve problems with grace.

Hi-Memory Formula with Bacopa Monnieri can de-stress your mind state so you have no problem letting your light shine. It will also increase your intuition so you can solve problems creatively. Express yourself in your own unique way and don’t be reserved about giving people a compliment or being a little flirtatious.

Relationships Lead You to Wholeness

When you have troubling interactions with a stranger, a family member or a significant other, the whole process is to soften you - to bring you closer to wholeness.

A lot of our blocks and obstacles in relationships are caused by tension and fears. A politician who feels unsuccessful in life may belittle others on popular social media platforms. A person who is afraid of losing what they need in life may steal from others. These things can cause conflicts. Conflicts can, in turn, help these same people become more whole. This, if lessons are learned, can reduce future conflict.

In relationships, there may be lessons about self-love, self-respect or the ability to listen to others and try on their shoes.

Wholeness from relationships takes courage. Relationships cause us to face our weaknesses.

Love & Grace Formula unties the knots in the heart center and increases your resilience so you can find more loving and creative solutions to problems in your relationships.

Wholeness is Love

Part of the reason why relationships are so important to us is because we’re all learning to love. Love, and Oneness, is what we’re left with when the insecurities and fears are resolved. Tension separates us within. Dissolving those points of tension allow us to become one unit rather than a set of parts. This dissolving of tension within us also dissolves tension between us.

Love can heal diseases.

Love cures loneliness and lets you know you have a higher purpose in life

Love makes it an awesome adventure to explore your own soul and realize the Absolute

An Herb that Dissolves Your Tension Points & Hangups

Many disputes have arisen as a result of blocked and unbalanced chakras.

Eclipta Alba purifies the chakras and loosens up long standing inner tension that may have caused you many troubles in relationships. In other words, it’s an herb that dissolves karma.

Enlightenment Formula with Eclipta Alba is infused with phonemes that support the crown chakra, the chakra of Self-Realization.

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To Love,

Your Nambu Botanicals Team