The Most Powerful Full Moon of the Year (Guru Purnima)



This Full Moon can change your karma & brain more than all the others if you use it wisely.

Nambu Herbs Founder Dr. Baskaran Pillai explains the power of a miracle-filled night, called Full Moon of the Guru, below. He also provides tips to prepare spiritually in the days and nights leading up to this special night, which is Friday, July 27th. He has given a special mantra for you to use (hint: It’s not Shreem Brzee, although that will help you as well).

This is a great time to infuse your body and mind with the Ultimate Wealth Mantra, Shreem Brzee, by chanting it and using Nambu’s Shreem Brzee Formula. If you don’t have the formula , you can buy it here at its new lower price.

A Message from Dr. Pillai:

Full Moons, in general, have a tremendous amount of power over the brain. The Full Moon of the Guru, or Guru Purnima, can change your brain in a miraculous way.

This happens because of the Angels, Gurus and Ascended Masters, coming down into this Earth plane during this time…

This particular Full Moon, this Guru’s Full Moon, is the day when the Gurus come here to help people. So what happens when the Gurus get involved?

These are people who live in a state of consciousness where it is not difficult to change the reality, or the karma, of the people.

The Guru is often attributed to have the ability to change the karma of people. They have taken upon themselves this mission of making life easier for people. That is their obligation.

The Indian Tradition says Guru is none other than God on the Earth plane. In order to be totally transformed by the Guru, you have to look at the Guru as your own Higher Self, as your own God guiding you. If you have the trust, then you are transformed.

The upcoming Full Moon of The Guru is a very special time. That’s why I do this special program during every Guru Purnima time.

How to Prepare for Full Moon of the Guru

Take the 45-Day Shreem Brzee Wealth Mantra Challenge

Chant Shreem Brzee 100,000 times from July 13th through August 26th. The challenge began on the 13th, but maybe you can still reach 100K. This mantra eliminates poverty consciousness and attracts wealth through the grace of Wealth Goddess Lakshmi. To further infuse your body, blood and mind with wealth consciousness, use Nambu’s Shreem Brzee Formula with Turmeric. The formula is infused with Shreem Brzee and Lakshmi’s blessings. See the Shreem Brzee Wealth Mantra Facebook Group for more details about the challenge and to join the community.


Chant Om as Loudly as Possible

Dr. Pillai’s most recent advice on how to prepare for Full Moon of the Guru: “The moment you begin to change your consciousness, everything will change.. That is how you prepare yourself. The easiest thing that you can do is to chant Om (pronounced like ohm) as loudly as possible. Do it as many times as possible, starting from today. Then, on the Full Moon day, whether you come to the program in person, or watch/listen online, or even if you don’t attend: Keep on chanting Om.”