The Intelligent Allergy-Busting Herb

Sugar cravings are common. Sugar is a convenient source of energy. However, sugary foods typically provide us with empty calories.

Spring is a time that reminds us of life. Flowers bloom. More people start enjoying the outdoors. People prepare for festivals and picnics. Hibernating animals emerge from slumber. People emerge from their homes and socialize more. Local parks come to life. You may notice that people are starting to complain about allergies as well. You may have them yourself. This can take the joy out of spring.

One herb that many allergy sufferers have found helpful is Guduchi.

Guduchi is especially useful for those with rhinitis and hay fever, but it’s a powerful allergy-buster all around. It boosts immunity to the effects of pollens and strengthens the immune system in general.

Have you ever noticed that allergies can be especially intense when under stress? Guduchi lowers stress levels, and this benefit also helps reduce allergic reactions.

You can use Guduchi topically for allergic reactions on the skin. Some people infuse it with ghee (clarified butter) for this purpose. In fact, Guduchi is widely used in Ayurvedic medicine for psoriasis, eczema and other skin problems.

Guduchi works intelligently by calming histamine reactions when needed and catalyzing more histamine when needed. It’s an intelligent allergy regulator.

Aside from allergy treatment, Guduchi has a large list of uses and benefits. One of its names is Amrit, which means the “Elixir of Immortality” because it is known as an anti-aging plant.

The combination of Ashwagandha and Guduchi is widely used for detoxifying the liver and the body in general because of their synergistic relationship.

There was a study comparing Guduchi to an antidepressant, which showed remarkable results. Researchers tested various mixtures of the plant and concluded that all of them were very effective in the treatment of depression, anxiety and emotional pain caused by stress. Add phonemes to Guduchi, and you have a powerful combination of an anti-depressant herb that battles negative karmic thought patterns which lead to depressing thoughts and emotions.

You can buy this highly versatile herb direct from Nambu. Our Guduchi is PHONEME INFUSED™  with sacred sound technology to benefit the subtle body and enhance its effects. The specific phonemes help with transformation, truth, longevity and health.

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