The Healing Power of Guduchi and the 5th Chakra


“The most beautiful and healing heart-shaped leaf..."




Imagine walking through the most amazing and lush forest and finding in the middle of it, this beautiful heart shaped leaf plant that just draws you in with the help of a Goddess that has protected this plant and wishes to share its benefits with you!

This is what Guduchi (Tinospora Cordifolia) does for your mind, body and soul!

Guduchi guides you and your body into a state of health through the power of choice and intention!

This ancient and beautiful herb exudes the energy only found in trees and plants of Paradise.  It has been written that Guduchi is the ambrosia of the Gods and Goddesses and blesses all of mankind with its grace, Amrita…the "secret herbal strategy" for immortality.

Guduchi is like divine nectar to your body's organs and is profoundly healing in many aspects.  It gently coaches your cells in your immune system to heal and become more resilient.  Its detoxification properties have a special affinity for the liver, as it targets this organ to cleanse, heal and strengthen. 

Imagine stacking it with the Enlightenment Formula (Eclipta Alba) to help achieve a Light Body and help rid the liver and spleen of toxins.

As an adaptogen herb, it will act as a beacon of light to stress and cellular sensitivity to stress.

Benefits of Guduchi:

  • Immune system support 
  • Aids in the detoxification of the liver and kidneys
  • Promotes optimal glucose metabolism
  • Supports digestion and healthy intestinal flora
  • Aids with joint health such as reducing pain and inflammation
  • Beautifies the skin

Nambu Botanicals has formulated Guduchi to be phoneme infused for the 5th Chakra, helping the Throat Chakra to detoxify itself and loosen stubborn issues affecting these areas in the body:

Throat                                                     Thyroid

Trachea                                                   Neck Vertebrae

Mouth, Teeth and Gum                       Parathyroid      

Esophagus                                               Hypothalamus 

Regarding mental and emotional issues, Guduchi will help with: 

Choice and strength of will                    Addiction (sugar, alcohol, drugs)        

Personal expression                                 Judgment and criticism

Following one's dream                             Faith and knowledge

Using personal power to create            Capacity to make decisions

Dr. Pillai has infused this herb to restore and heal all issues in the 5th chakra. 

Need Help with Sugar Addiction and Cravings?  

Guduchi is used for sugar and glucose metabolism and issues with Addiction are often addressed in the 5th chakra!  

The 5th chakra is the energy centre of choice.  Most illnesses will have a connection to the 5th chakra since this energy centre involves the learning of the power of choice. 

Choose Guduchi!

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Choose well and be well,

Nambu Botanicals Team