The Goddess Empowers You Through Herbs

"She's in charge of everything. That's why she's called Shakti. Shakti means power.” -    Dr. Pillai

Spring 9 Nights of the Goddess, also known as Vasant Navaratri, begin Tuesday, March 28th. This is the time when the Divine Mother, in all her archetypal forms, reveals Her full compassion for human beings. It’s a very special time in India, but the “reason for the season” applies worldwide. The Goddess is everywhere and within you, and within your medicinal herbs. 

She is now coming to the Earth plane to squash darkness like a little bug and bless humanity with the power to manifest every sincere wish. This is when we trade poverty for wealth and ignorance for divine intelligence. 

According to Dr. Pillai, this is the time to expand, beyond rational intelligence, into “intuitive, all-knowing intelligence.” 

Dr. Pillai’s life mission is to bring new intelligence to humanity. The goddess’s energy carries new intelligence. It can make our brain work better.  This intelligence not mundane nor book learned – it heals the heart, mind and body. Nambu Botanicals was started as a way to bring new intelligence to our cells. We can now bring the Goddess inside us. 

The Goddess works with us through plants. Dr. Pillai says that each plant is ruled by a God or Goddess, and that the plant’s true physical and spiritual properties can be accessed by connecting with them. Mythologies worldwide acknowledged this, including Greek mythology. 

Mythologies do exist, but nobody relates to the mythology or to the Gods, or to the connection that the plants have with Gods, or Goddesses. That’s not the case in India. In India it’s a live tradition. Not only a live tradition, but they were able to know the miraculous abilities these plants have.” - Dr. Pillai 

In light of this, Nambu Botanicals offers herbs governed by the three Goddesses of the Navaratri: Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati. 

Enlightenment Formula for Durga 

Durga is the Goddess worshiped on days 1-3 of Navaratri. During this time, Durga appears in the form of Kalratri, the sword-wielding demon destroyer. On day 8, she becomes Parvati and blesses people with new relationships and empowers existing ones with happiness and longevity. 

Eclipta alba is said to activate the crown chakra. The ancient Siddha Masters used it to access the higher intelligence and states of ecstatic bliss. Durga is often linked to the crown chakra. Some say that this is the place where she, as Shakti, merges with Shiva.

It is said that Swami Ramalingam used eclipta alba to turn his body into light. It enhances the functions of the brain and liver. People with fatty liver use it to convert the fat into energy. It’s been rumored to transform karma by changing the thoughts of one who uses it. Many use this herb for an ecstatic natural energy boost. Others use it to enhance meditation. 

Eclipta alba is the main ingredient in the Enlightenment Formula. This formula is infused with Vedic sound technology to enhance your ability to access spirit. 

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Hi-Health Formula for Lakshmi 

Kumkum is the mixture most often associated with Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth and abundance. While some commercial kumkum is poisonous, the best kumkum is natural. It’s a mixture of turmeric and lime. During certain portions of the Navaratri, Lakshmi is said to be adorned with turmeric. She blesses the devotee with willpower and direction. The spice represents the compassionate and regenerative aspects of the Goddess. 

Turmeric is also said to purify the blood, the physical body and the subtle body. It aids the liver in the removal of toxins and rebuilds damaged liver tissue. It’s a powerful anti-inflammatory, and it’s used by many for stress relief. It protects the brain from cognitive decline and dementia. It also creates a vibrant glow in the aura. 

This spice was once known in Sanskrit as Gauri (“the one whose face is shining with light”) and Kanchani, the Golden Goddess. You can think of turmeric as a physical embodiment of the Goddess. 

Hi-Heath Formula is our turmeric blend. It’s infused with Vedic sound technology that enhances a powerful connection with the Goddess Lakshmi. 

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Hi-Memory Formula for Saraswati 

Saraswati is the Goddess of wisdom. She is closely associated with bacopa, aka bhrami. Bhrami is a nootropic herb, and its name literally means “One who expands consciousness.” 

Bhrami bacopa has been shown to prevent the loss of newly acquired memories, making it perfect for students or those who need to retain a lot of information. It removes neurotoxins from the brain and nurtures it. Some people use it for anxiety relief and to reduce mental fatigue. It’s also known as an anti-aging herb and an intelligence booster. Some people report miraculous changes in their problem-solving abilities. Whether you’re a math nerd or an auto mechanic, this herb may work wonders for you. 

It is often used to decalcify the pineal gland, the physical representation of the third eye. Out of the box, creative thinking and intuition are associated with this gland. So is the ability to listen and respond to one’s deep inner guidance that originates from the soul. 

Bhrami bacopa is the main ingredient in Hi-Memory Formula. It’s also infused with Vedic sound technology to enhance its metaphysical effects. 

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Love and Grace Formula for all Goddesses! 

The magnetic field of the heart has been scientifically determined to be 60 times larger that that of the brain. The heart, for all practical purposes, has its own brain, with profound learning abilities that are independent from the functions of the cerebral cortex. 

The main ingredient in Love and Grace is tulsi, aka holy basil. It relieves congestion and removes mucus from the lungs. It assists in the elimination of pollutants, including radiation. It’s also known to open the heart chakra so that giving and receiving love is easier. 

The Devi Bhagavata Purana, a sacred text, refers to tulsi as an embodiment of Lakshmi. 

Tulsi is the main ingredient in our Love and Grace Formula. It’s infused with Vedic sound technology using sacred syllables we are keeping secret. One thing we can say is that it packs a mean Shakti Power. 

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