The Causes of Sugar Cravings and How to Beat them

Sugar cravings are common. Sugar is a convenient source of energy. However, sugary foods typically provide us with empty calories.

You know that your sugar habit isn’t healthy. Table sugar creates processes that cause your body to hold onto its fat. This may have come in handy during humanity’s hunting and gathering stage because it prevented people from starving, but it’s not healthy in modern times. Sugar is just too plentiful these days.

But ice cream and cookies are just so tempting. It’s OK. This guide will show you how to beat the sugar habit.

Common Causes of Sugar Cravings

You have not eaten enough. If you go long periods of time without eating, your body may try to make up for it by craving as many calories as possible. Sugar provides a lot of quick calories.

You have become accustomed to a habit. There may be certain times when you’re used to eating sugary foods. Maybe you’re used to eating pie after dinner or a quick sugar snack after lunch.

You consumed a lot of salt. Salty foods could be triggering your sugar cravings. Processed foods often contain a lot of sodium, and the increased sodium intake often triggers a craving for sweet foods to balance it out.

You ate too much starch. High starch foods have similarities to sugary foods, and they can cause sugar cravings.

You have leaky gut or constipation. Gluten, sugar and other foods can cause a condition called leaky gut. This condition causes toxins and pathogens to leak through your intestines and into the bloodstream, causing a number of health problems. People with leaky gut and/or constipation often have intense sugar cravings. Signs of leaky gut include food allergies, bowel troubles, fatigue, inability to concentrate, skin issues and fungal infections.

How to Beat Those Sugar Cravings 

1. Eat healthy fats and proteins regularly. When you eat, make sure you get plenty of vitamins, healthy fats and proteins. Healthy fats include olive oil, coconut oil and avocado. If you choose olive oil, make sure it’s certified. Some of the top companies cut it with canola oil and other unhealthy fats.

2. Don’t skip meals. As mentioned above, skipping meals causes your body to crave quick energy, and sugar is a source of quick energy. 
      3. Balance starchy foods with nutrients. Eating a plate of pasta is almost like eating pure sugar. It leads to a similar crash some time after your meal, and your body is going to want to make up for that with easy calories that sugar can provide. To beat this, either eat less starchy foods or add some foods that are rich in vitamins, healthy fats and protein. Add vegetables, olive oil and high protein foods. 
        4. Prepare your own food as much as possible. Processed foods contain more salt than meals you prepare yourself. Foods that contain natural salts will not contribute to sugar cravings like the salts added to processed foods and “healthy” restaurant entrees. 
          5. Replace sugary foods with healthy ones. If you’re used to buying KitKats from a vending machine after lunch, try an unsweetened almond milk or herbal tea instead. You’ll be replacing a bad habit with a healthier one. 

            Herbs that can Help You Beat Sugar Cravings 


            Turmeric detoxes the body from sugar overload. If you find yourself not being able to concentrate after eating a lot of sugar, turmeric can clear your mind and help keep you focused and more productive. The curcumin in turmeric increases your prostacyclin levels, and this normalizes blood sugar. 

            Sugar cravings are also an issue with the navel chakra, the energy center of willpower and drive. The root chakra is also affected because sugar spikes influence the adrenal glands in a negative way. Turmeric helps to correct the imbalances in these chakras and support the adrenals as well. 

            Nambu’s Hi-Health Formula contains turmeric. It also contains black pepper extract which contains a compound that increases the amount of the healthy compounds your body absorbs. Hi-Health is infused with phonemes that strengthen willpower and focus. This is another benefit that can help you beat sugar cravings with the ability to stand up to that voice in your head that says, “It’s OK this time, go for it.” 

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            Guduchi is a great ally in the fight against sugar cravings and sugar addiction. It helps with sugar and glucose metabolism. Guduchi also helps with issues in the throat chakra, including addiction. Guduchi is known for strengthening your willpower. 

            Guduchi also has many other benefits. Many people use it to stop allergy symptoms, to reduce stress and slow down the aging process. 

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            Tulsi (Holy Basil) 

            One cause of sugar cravings not mentioned above is poor regulation of blood sugar levels. A sudden drop in blood sugar can make you wish for ice cream, candy or anything that might bring you some quick energy. Like Turmeric, Tulsi helps regulate blood sugar levels, and this helps to prevent cravings. It is also used to combat the type of stress that causes the urge to light up a cigarette when one is trying to quit smoking. People with sugar addition find it helpful as well. If you’re serious about keeping your sugar intake under control, you can’t go wrong with having some Tulsi in your cabinet, in whole leaf or in powder or tincture form. 

            Tulsi has a lot of other benefits as well, including increased oxygen in the blood stream. Some people plant Tulsi to rid the environment of impurities and replace them with oxygen. The Taj Mahal is doing this right now. 

            Nambu’s Love and Grace Formula’s active ingredient is Tulsi. 

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