Spring Weight Loss & Digestion Secrets

In the old days, before we started importing produce and processed foods from around the world, seasons helped determine our diets. Spring brings us water from melting snow. It also brings increasing warmth. This combination produces green vegetables, berries, beans and other lighter foods. Winter, by contrast, brings heavier and fattier foods like meat, dairy products and nuts.

Traditionally, this is what has inspired spring detox and weight loss. Spring foods cleanse your body and blood. They can also help you lose weight. In terms of Ayurvedic elements, spring requires a diet that balances the element of Water, as spring is associated with Water.

Keep reading for dietary tips for spring weight loss followed by some powerful secrets that can help you multiply your results by changing your mindset

Spring Dietary Tips for Weight Loss

Eat Easy-to-Digest, Detoxifying Foods

Think green, leafy vegetables here, especially bitter ones. They’re easy to digest, and many of them will help detoxify your body. Other good vegetables are cabbage, garlic, onions and broccoli. Lower the amount of meats and cheeses and get proteins from beans and eggs. To aid digestion, eat ginger or add it to tea. Avoid heavy or watery vegetables like squash, avocados and cucumbers.

Do Fruit Cleanses

Spring is a good time to do fruit cleanses with sliced fruit or smoothies, but avoid sour and heavy fruits like citrus, melons and pineapples. Good fruits for this time include apples, berries, peaches, pears and cherries. If you want to add sour, try lemons or limes. Both add amazing benefits. Just remember that fruits generally have a cooling effect, so don’t overdo them. Spring is a time for warming foods.

Use Warming Spices

Black pepper, Turmeric, cayenne, cinnamon, cardomom and other warming spices are great for spring. Add them to dishes or tea. They help stimulate digestion, which is associated with Fire.

Drink Hot Beverages

Hot beverages stimulate digestion, especially when combined with warming spices. Ginger is great for digestion, cleansing and reducing aches and pains, so you can add some to a tea. Add some honey to your beverages for an extra detoxifying effect.  Here’s a recipe for a ginger tea with Turmeric, cinnamon and honey. Try it about 30 minutes before a meal to prime up your digestive system.

Don’t Snack Between Meals

Digestion is ruled by Fire, and this Fire is strongest if you digest one meal at a time and keep meals a few hours apart. This will increase fat metabolism.

Have a Heavier Lunch & Lighter Dinner

Your digestion rhythms are at their prime during the lunch hours. A lighter dinner will ensure your stomach is empty at bedtime. This will optimize detoxification. Try not to eat past 7pm. Aim for an earlier dinner time.

Don’t Fill Your Stomach

Never completely fill your stomach during any meal. Eat slowly, enjoy the meals and listen to your body. Give thanks for your food and eat mindfully. If you feel extra tired and sluggish after a meal, you may need to think about reducing meal sizes.

Change Your Mindset for Spring Weight Loss

Eat Mindfully

Give thanks for your food before you eat it. Make it a sacrament. Chew your food well and taste it thoroughly, as if you were at a wine tasting. Slowing down and chewing more helps your body absorb nutrients more efficiently. Making eating a sacrament will help you listen to your body so that you know when it’s best to stop eating. Turn off the TV and pay full attention to your meal.

Reframe Your Goals

The goal is not weight loss and you are not fat. A goal can be a particular number of miles while spending 30 minutes on an exercise bike, X number of servings of leafy greens, zero snacks today, go to bed on an empty stomach, get eight hours of sleep, etc. Keep them positive and healthy.

Make a Food Journal

A food journal will help you become more mindful about your emotions and how they relate to eating. Include what you ate and what emotions you were experiencing before, during and after the meal. Revisit the journal and look for patterns. Did your emotional state decide your choice of food, or was it a conscious decision? If you notice a link, you’ll have the opportunity to find other ways to address the emotions.

Another thing to add is a log of how hungry or full you were at different times. If you were really hungry, it may have led to overeating. If you weren’t hungry, maybe you can adjust your meal times to sync them with hunger levels.

Catch Bad Habits While They’re Still Thoughts

Pay attention to thought processes and emotions that can lead to continuing bad habits, like unplanned snacks, or blowing off an exercise session. The food journal can help you with this. Before you reach for the ice cream, tell your mind to stop. Say it out loud. This will interrupt the thoughts and provide an opportunity to replace bad habits with good ones.

Herbs to Enhance Your Spring Diet


One cause of sugar cravings is poor regulation of blood sugar levels. A sudden drop in blood sugar can make you wish for ice cream, candy or anything that might bring you some quick energy. Tulsi helps regulate blood sugar levels, and this helps to prevent cravings for sugary snacks. It is also used to combat the type of stress that causes the urge eat impulsively.
Tulsi has a lot of other benefits as well, including increased oxygen in the blood stream.

Nambu’s Love & Grace Formula is PHONEME INFUSED™ sounds that support the Heart Chakra and giving and receiving love.

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Turmeric is an excellent warming spice that goes well with ginger, cinnamon and cardomom. The curcumin in Turmeric also  increases your prostacyclin levels, and this normalizes blood sugar. Turmeric is also used to reduce inflammation and protect the brain and liver from wear and tear. It’s one of the most studied herbs in medical science.

Nambu’s Shreem Brzee Formula contains turmeric. It also contains black pepper extract which contains a compound that increases the amount of the healthy compounds your body absorbs by up to 20 times. Shreem Brzee Formula is infused with the Shreem Brzee Wealth Mantra, which dissolves poverty consciousness and attracts wealth. Turmeric itself also boosts willpower, focus and positive attitude.

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Guduchi is an excellent spring detox herb. Many people use it to boost the immune system, reduce reactions to pollen, reduce stress and slow down the aging process. Guduchi is also excellent for the Throat Chakra and self-expression. The Siddha sound vibrations in Nambu’s Guduchi support this Chakra as well.

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