Spring Clean Your Relationships

It may not be spring just yet, but for the next 25 days starting Friday, March 2nd, Venus is calling on you to spring clean your relationships. That means family, boyfriends/girlfriends, business contacts or anyone else you have some type of relationship with. 

According to Vedic Astrology, Venus - the planet of the arts, luxury, compassion and relationships - is moving into Pisces. Pisces is the sign that reminds us to let go of attachments that burden us. It’s a sign of mysticism and caring for others. 

To make the most of this time, adopt the following practices. #3 is an awesome Venus mantra to bless all your relationships. 

Recognize & Heal Your Control Issues 

Control issues usually occur in your blind spot, which means you might not care to know they even exist. However, it’s important to spot them, especially during this 25-day period. 

Do you feel angry, annoyed or resentful when things aren’t happening the “right” way? Try to catch yourself and ask why. Ask “What is the worst thing that can happen in this situation?” and “What can I learn from others involved in this situation?” Train yourself to breathe deeply, through the nose, especially when you feel the above emotions. This will, ironically, give you GREATER control, even if you initially feel anxiety. 

Another practice to try is to give thanks for everything you do have control over. Do you have a healthy amount of free time? Is your diet contributing to your happiness? What situations are going well in your life without controlling them excessively? 

Some people also swear by the compassion herb, Tulsi, for this purpose. See the testimonials for Nambu’s Love & Grace Formula. 


Meditation is not only good for you. It’s good for everyone you come in contact with. It expands your perspective on life, and it makes you proactive instead of reactive. Meditation can help you let go of control issues, and it can also help you help others do the same. 

Chant the Venus Mantra 

The Venus mantra is Om Shukraya Namaha. It’s pronounced ohm shook-RYE-ah NAH-mah-hah. 

Immerse yourself in the consciousness of Venus, and you will take on Venus’ good qualities: Creativity, beauty, attractiveness and ease in all types of relationships. Chant this mantra whenever you have down times, even if you’re in an elevator for 30 seconds. Become the mantra, and become Venus. If you don’t have a meditation technique, start with this mantra. 

Use Tulsi for Patience & Compassion 

“I have felt that my heart is open, and if l feel upset about something it doesn’t last long. I feel at peace quickly with my life and situations and people.” - Christine T, Verified Buyer 
“Since taking Love and Grace, I feel like I have been receiving very gentle, yet deep lessons in taking my focus out of the "news" and personal reactions to the political waves of the day. I feel I am being shown to put more focus on serving all the people, regardless of their views. I feel more called to lay down an old ego identity and to become more compassionate.” - Valli W, Verified Buyer 


Tulsi, aka Holy Basil, has a tendency to increase patience with yourself and others. It works with the Heart Chakra to increase compassion. This not only feels good, but it also opens you to see things from a less selfish, and more conscious and expanded, perspective. Another perk is that it lowers cortisol, the stress hormone. 

Nambu’s Love & Grace Formula with Tulsi brings both love and grace to your workplace, home, the annoyances of economy airplane seating, the grocery store line and anywhere you have to coexist with other people. This formula is PHONEME INFUSED™, according to Siddha tradition, with sound vibrations that support compassion and the Heart Chakra. 

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