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The Shreem Brzee wealth-building mantra helps you to create inner and outer beauty and attract wealth. Dr. Pillai has been focusing primarily on this mantra because its vibrations are very important for the Golden Age, which is currently unfolding. As we transition into this age, we are deepening and expanding our understanding of the notion of wealth. 

Energy is the #1 element that keeps us going. Energy is needed to make love, to think, to get out of bed, to work and play. 

You can infuse Shreem Brzee into your blood.

Shreem Brzee is energy. This energy attracts wealth, abundance and money, like a magnet drawn to its mate. Saying and thinking Shreem Brzee will focus your consciousness on the money energy and dissolve scarcity energy. If you want to take your energy to the next level, put Shreem Brzee in your blood and feel the cellular vibration resounding in your body. This is how the Yogis manifest, they use herbs and mantras.  

We’ve had reports that when you hold the Shreem Brzee capsule in your hand and say Shreem Brzee, you can literally feel the vibration. Some say 15 seconds of holding the capsule is as good as chanting Shreem Brzee for hours.

Free Shipping with 2 Shreem Brzee Bottles in the US: SHREEMBRZEEUS 
Free International Shipping with 4 Shreem Brzee Bottles: SHREEMBRZEEINTL.

What Dr. Pillai Has to Say About Shreem Brzee & the Golden Age 

“The mantra Shreem Brzee contains mercy, compassion, love and creation. I know that Shreem Brzee will adapt itself to the New Era, the Golden Age. First you need money—Shreem Brzee and the techniques to take these sounds deeply into your consciousness will do that.” 

“Then we can also move from its materialistic connotation to a larger definition to include the qualities of compassion,mercy and beauty and achieve the ultimate wealth. So when you practice Shreem Brzee with my techniques, you’ll achieve your primary goal, because these sounds will bring you material wealth.” 

- Dr. Pillai

Dr. Pillai has described this Golden Age in numerous lectures,programs and videos. The following description sums it up well. 

“All the craziness, all the competitions, jealousy, greed, anger, longing, possession -- all these things will be gone. And that is the Golden Age.” 

He continues… 

“The Golden Age is the Age of Intelligence. The Intelligence will lead you to experience a higher reality. Until then, we'll get by. It's not going to be too long. It's going to be very, very soon.” 

Shreem Brzee & Turmeric Work Together for Your Success 

Shreem Brzee Formula contains Turmeric and black pepper extract. Turmeric supports the navel chakra, the energy center associated with personal power, ambition and the achievement of goals. It decreases stress and inflammation, and it protects the brain from cognitive decline. A compound in black pepper increases the body’s absorption of the anti-oxidants and other life-affirming nutrients. 

The combination of Turmeric and black pepper extract with the infusion of the vibrations of Shreem Brzee is the perfect trio for the Golden Age. 

Nambu ensures that Turmeric is not just a spice anymore. It’s a vehicle for inner and outer wealth, liver purification and radiant health for the body,brain and spirit.