Shreem Brzee and Hi-Health – What’s the Difference?

Shreem Brzee and Hi-Health – What’s the Difference?

The body you are aware of, isn’t the only body you have.

“You are not just the flesh and blood.  You have another body.” Dr. Pillai

5000 or more years old eastern health traditions - Ayurveda, Siddha and Chinese medicine - bring health to more than 1 of your bodies. You have 2 bodies (or more); physical and subtle. Eastern traditions say that all health issues enter first through your subtle body.

Nambu Botanicals follows the Siddha system to bring health to both bodies with phoneme infusiontm. Your subtle body is made up of vibration. Chakras are vibration and energy vortexes in the subtle body.

Chakras hold the energy of particular sets of characteristics – physical, emotional, mental, and psychological. The subtle body receives energy and strength from sound vibrations, which are essentially, energy. Phoneme infusiontm, like a light body of armor, ensures vibrations spin in healthy directions with correct speed to protect your physical body from low, unhealthy vibrations. Phoneme infusiontm  carries the intelligence and intent of the sound and Dr. Pillai.

Shreem Brzee and Hi-Health formulas both contain Turmeric and black pepper extract. Shreem Brzee is a different formula to Hi-Health because the phonemes differ, yet they are a bit like 2 sides of the same coin. They cleanse and strengthen the same chakra, the Navel Chakra.

Some differences are there in their vibration:

Hi-Health Formula confidence, self-esteem, taking on impossible tasks, resilience, willpower, protection, manifesting.

Shreem Brzee prosperity consciousness, drive, motivation, abundance consciousness, making the impossible possible, manifesting.

How Did Nambu Get Her Logo? 

Subtle Body Secrets

“According to Bhagavad Gita, one of the most sacred texts of Hinduism, the subtle body, is composed of mind, intelligence and ego, which controls the gross physical body. It is also known in other different spiritual traditions: "the most sacred body" (wujud al-aqdas) and "true and genuine body" (jism asli haqiqi) in Sufism, "the diamond body" in Taoism and Vajrayana, "the light body" or "rainbow body" in Tibetan Buddhism, "the body of bliss" in Kriya Yoga, and "the immortal body" (soma athanaton) in Hermeticism.