Shed Some Pounds this Summer

Summer is a time of activity. Recreational opportunities are plentiful. Swimming, jogging, volleyball and hiking come to mind. All these things give you opportunities to burn calories and lose weight. 

You can enlist the help of foods, water and herbs while you’re having fun or exercising if one of your goals is to burn fat. 

Here are a few examples of fat burning foods and practices:

  • A tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (ACV) before a meal will boost your metabolism.
  • Raw and organic honey will have a similar effect as the ACV.
  • Cooking your food with coconut oil will help keep your appetite in check.
  • Hydrating yourself with water before your morning coffee will also curb your appetite.
  • Apples and grapefruit are great weight loss foods because they help you regulate your appetite and provide a plethora of other benefits.

One of the best fat burning secrets is widespread in Thailand, Pakistan, India and a few other countries, and that’s Turmeric. That was no typo. We like to capitalize that word because it’s very special to Nambu. Turmeric is the primary ingredient in Nambu's Hi-Health Formula. 

Hi-Health Formula helps you lose weight in a few ways:

  • Speeds the burning of fat. It’s a great metabolism booster, just like honey and apple cider vinegar. It also turns bad fat into good fat, the kind that turns calories into heat energy instead of storing them.
  • Gives you more “get up and go”. Turmeric increases willpower and ambition. This can help you get more exercise. Your frolicking sessions will be more fruitful as well.
  • Regulates sugar levels. Turmeric prevents sudden spikes in your insulin, and this prevents the storing of extra fat.

Nambu’s Hi-Health Formula contains Turmeric and black pepper. The latter is to increase the amount of healthy nutrients your body absorbs from the Turmeric. 

Hi-Health is PHONEME INFUSED™ with sacred sound syllables to boost self-confidence and willpower. 

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"I make a prayer about my goals as I take the capsules. If I start to feel depressed/negative thinking/lack of faith during the day, then I take an extra capsule or two. Soon I find that I am feeling more positive. This is an amazing product that I highly recommend. I gave a bottle to a relative who had painful episode of gout, and he was able to recover from it." - Betsy Hibbits