Tantric Love & Sexuality Techniques for Couples

What we know now as Tantric sex, or sacred sexuality, is a set of practices that may go back 5,000 years. These practices have made their way into sacred Hindu texts and Taoist teachings. They fuse the arts of enlightenment and love-making so that the latter becomes a vehicle for connecting with Divinity.

Westerners in the 60’s and 70’s adopted a few of these methods, adapting them to 20th century culture, with great success. One famous Guru who taught some of them was Osho. Mantak Chia, Author of The Multi-Orgasmic Couple and other books, brought Taoist sacred sexuality to the West through a series of teachings as well.

In India, Radha and Krishna and Shiva and Shakti are the Divine Couples. They represent the Divine Union between Devotee and the Source of All Love. There is a merging process that unites the two. Using sacred sexuality techniques is an ecstatic way to emulate this Union.

Here, we’ll reveal a few practical exercises you can do with your lover so you can experience this same Union…

Eye Gazing Meditation Technique

Eye gazing is a great way to clear emotional baggage and fear that can prevent intimacy. It’s like candle flame or moon Trataka (gazing) meditation, but with a partner. Singles can use a mirror instead.

Read on to learn eye gazing, and two more Tantric secrets to activating your sexual power...

  1. Sit down in chairs, facing each other. Put a pillow on your laps, and hold hands while the hands rest on the pillow. Alternatively, you can stand or lie down while embracing in a hug.
  1.  Stare into each other’s eyes. Soften the gaze so that you’re not too focused on anything in particular. You’re feeling what’s going on inside of you.
  1. Breathe through the nose. Allow the breathing to deepen. Try to match each other’s breathing if you can.
  1. Focus on the experience of your partner within you during the gazing. That’s all that exists. Each moment, each millisecond,  is a new and fresh experience.
  1. If fear or baggage comes up, take note of it without judging it. Loving feelings, anger, sadness, boredom. They are just processes happening within. Relax any tension you become aware of, in the eyes or the rest of the body. Don’t be afraid to laugh or cry. All feelings are OK.
  1. For best results, continue for at least 20 minutes.

Synchronized Breathing for Ecstatic Union

Part of the merging process between lovers is to match vibrations. The breath is a rhythm you can start with. You can combine this exercise with the Eye Gazing Meditation and do it with or without clothing.

Embrace each other and look into each other’s eyes. Breathe deeply so that the abdomen expands in all directions. Try to “feel” your partner’s breath and match the frequency and amplitude.

Deep Breathing Technique for Better Orgasms

The contractions of orgasm become a lot more intense when you learn to breathe deeply, whether you’re male or female. By default, we tend to tense up and breathe shallowly, or we forget to breathe. This restricts the proper flow of blood you need for mind blowing climaxes.

When you get near that magic moment, be sure to breathe diaphragmatically. Breathe through the nose. On the inhale, let your abdomen expand in all directions, like a balloon. You’ll feel it in the back, the belly and the groin. This may delay the climax, but it’ll be soooooooooo worth it.

Don’t Forget Tulsi, the Herb for Love & Libido

Tulsi (Holy Basil) is known for working with the Heart Chakra to increase loving compassion. It’s also a natural libido-booster because of the way it increases the flow of blood and oxygen to your brain and reproductive system. Nambu’s Love & Grace Formula is Tulsi infused with sound vibrations that support the Heart Chakra and giving and receiving love.

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