Sacral Chakra


The second chakra is the Sacral Chakra also known as Svadhisthana. It is known to be the center of pleasure, enjoyment and creativity.  It is located in the lower abdomen, between the root chakra and the navel.

Element: Water

Body Association: Pelvic girdle, kidneys, bladder, and all liquids, such as, blood, lymph, gastric juice, sperm and regulation of the female cycle.

Glands: Prostate, gonads, ovaries, testicles

Balanced Sacral Chakra includes:

  • Balanced hormones
  • Emotional stability
  • Ease of child conception
  • Joyful
  • Feel safe and secure
  • Be confident
  • Strong health and can handle anything in our life
  • Healthy libido and pleasurable sex

Imbalanced Sacral Chakra includes:

  • Emotional instability
  • Feel insecure
  • Lack of self confidence
  • Lack of joy
  • Mood swings
  • Feeling unworthy
  • Miscarriage/difficulty in conceiving child
  • Sexual transmitted disease
  • Lower back pain
  • Kidney problem
  • Gynecological problem

5 Yoga pose to Open Sacral Chakra

Butterfly pose

Trikonasana  - Twisting Triangle

Utthita Trikonasana – Extended Triangle

Natarajasana – Dancer’s pose

Upavista Konasana – Wide Angle Seated forward Bend