REBOOT YOUR RELATIONSHIPS STEP 4: Unlock the secret of creation

Do you attract?  Or, do you create?

Dr. Pillai says we really don’t attract; we only create. And, he says we create from the inside out.   

Everything originates from within us. Our partners, our education, our homes, our money, our poverty … everything.

So, in order to manifest our perfect partner, job or home, we must stop looking outside, and go within.  

How do we do that?

We need to get into a “divine mind” that doesn’t differentiate between the inner and the outer. When you acquire a divine mind there’s no difficulty manifesting.  

We accomplish this through meditation. Take time to meditate, and don’t worry about the external … it will take care of itself.  Listen to this teaching by Dr. Pillai:

Use phoneme-infused herbs to support your meditation practice. Sound-activated Love & Grace (tulsi) formula helps heal and empower your heart chakra, promoting compassion, love, and joy which you will radiate from the inside, out.   


Divine bliss! Experience this beautiful Tamil devotional song on Goddess Tripurasundari. The song is beloved by Dr. Pillai (he says it brings grace).