REBOOT YOUR HEALTH STEP 3: Access The Power Of The Divine


“Some people somehow manage to create high self-esteem and they are the people who end up as Presidents, Prime Ministers and Kings. They all have the highest self-esteem and the self-esteem comes from this sound.” ~ Dr. Pillai

STEP 3:  Access The Power Of The Divine

Today, I’m sharing a personal healing experience. One evening a couple of months ago, Dr. Pillai revealed a secret:  

"If you use the correct power sound with the right herb you will get your result."
The very next day, I had the opportunity to put his teaching into action. As I was going through my emails, a certain topic came up that is guaranteed to trigger anxiety, a pounding headache and in this case -- a full-on panic attack.
I needed to relax! A friend had mentioned she found Hi-Memory Formula so calming she only takes it in the evening. As I took 2 capsules I was suddenly moved to listen to a sound from one of Dr. Pillai’s YouTube videos. The sound was, “HREEM.”  
I curled up on the couch and fell into a divine slumber. It worked! 20 minutes later I awoke feeling calm, peaceful and refreshed. That big scary trigger no longer had me. I could see it all in perspective.  
The Takeaway
We need a chemical to interrupt strong thoughts and emotions. The herb Bacopa in Hi-Memory is perfect to ward off anxiety-driven fears. Also known as BrahmiBacopa literally means, “the energy responsible for all creative forces in the world.”

Dr. Pillai's power sound HREEM fills us with confidence and wards off doubt, fear and confusion. A dose of self-esteem was just what I needed to take control of my body-mind.   

We hope you’ve been inspired by this week’s BODY series. Next week we’ll reveal how herbs, sounds and spirituality can have a miraculous effect on your FINANCES.