Reboot Your Health Step 1: Heal Your Body

Step #1 - Reboot your Body.

The health of your body is a necessity for leading a healthy life. If your body is healthy, it gives you the freedom and capacity to enjoy life to its fullest. If unhealthy, it can contribute not only to your physical suffering, but also your mental, emotional, and even spiritual suffering as well.

That’s why in the first step of the Reboot Your Health Program, you are going to learn how to create whole-body healing and rejuvenation using sound-activated herbs.

Herbal Medicine = Body Healing  

Herbs and plants are the source of medicine, including even modern pharmaceuticals. However, conventional pharmaceuticals generally deliver a single active ingredient, often in a synthesized chemical form, disrupting the natural balance of the compounds within the plant. This is the cause of the many unwanted side-effects associated with modern drugs.

Why Sound Makes Herbs More Powerful

Several prominent scientists have demonstrated that plants are influenced by sound, such as causing them to grow faster, larger, and even altering their chemical makeup. Siddha Medicine, which is the foundation of Nambu Botanicals, discovered specific sounds, unique to each plant, which unlocks the nuclear potential of the plant. This, they discovered, dramatically increases the natural healing power of the plant, creating quite possibly the most powerful form of herbal medicine available.

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Explore Sound-Activated Herbs  

At Nambu Botanicals, two of our sound-activated herbal formulas specialize in healing the body:


Eclipta alba is highly prized by Ayurvedic and Siddha practitioners for its diverse-range of health-giving powers. Also known as ‘false daisy’, modern researchers have conducted over 50 case studies showing that the plant aids in liver detoxification, cancer prevention, brain, heart, nervous system and eye health to name a few. It should come as no surprise then, that this wonder-herb is considered a Master Herb in Ayurvedic Medicine. For these reasons, we recommend you include sound-activated Eclipta Alba in your Reboot toolkit. 

Cosmology:  Siddha Medicine Experts believe Eclipta Alba originated from a celestial being named ‘Shiva’. Additionally, the South-Indian Saint/Siddha, Swami Ramalingam, who turned his body into light in 1874, attributed his transmutation to the use of this amazing herb.


A powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory, the vibrant yellow herb turmeric improves the health of the cell membranes, making us more resistant to infection and disease.  A veritable healing powerhouse, turmeric is proven effective in assisting a broad range of conditions, including women’s reproductive health issues, fat loss, detoxification and cognitive decline.

Turmeric’s extraordinary healing properties have caught the attention of modern researchers, and as a result, the list of benefits continues to grow.  Renowned naturopath Dr. Andrew Weil says, “It appears the daily use of the spice turmeric is one reason elderly people in India have the lowest rates of Alzheimers disease in the world.”  

Cosmology:  Ancient Siddha texts reveal turmeric has the ability to cleanse the chakras. Turmeric also cleanses the subtle body of dense negative energy, which enables the physical body to experience extraordinarily rapid healing.


These two herbs, even prior to sound-activation, offer immense, holistic benefits for your body’s health, and could be considered indispensable tools for your Reboot-Your-Body tool kit.

Week 1 Reboot Your Body Tips

✔  Supplement your diet with sound-activated Turmeric and Eclipta Alba (use the discount code ‘REBOOT’ to save 10% off your order for all of 2017)

✔  Incorporate more whole foods into your diet, and begin eliminating processed foods

✔  Become aware of, and avoid stress as much as possible

✔  Sleep at least 8 hours per night to help your body heal naturally

✔  Engage in regular exercise such as walking, yoga, or going to a gym