Powerful Full Moon for Royalty Consciousness & Ancestral Healing

Astrology is a science in India, and this designation came from a ruling  by the Federal High Court. Astrologers, mathematicians and astronomers work together to find rules that will help humanity to plan for a better quality of life with impeccable timing.

Thursday’s Full Moon is one of the most powerful ones in the year for wealth, royalty consciousness, enlightenment and healing karma through your ancestors. It happens in the Tamil month of Masi (March) when a particular star constellation, the star of royalty, enlightenment and ancestors (Tamil name is Magha), aligns with the Full Moon.

Ancestor ceremonies are common during this event, which is called Masi Magham. Their practical purpose is to heal your karma and the karma of your maternal and paternal lineages.

Performing these ceremonies, according to Dr. Pillai, “can give relief from your health conditions, solve your financial problems, solve your relationship problems, and also solve your spiritual problems as well.”

Keep reading, and you’ll learn why this is and how it works. You’ll also learn how to do this at home.

Enlightened Souls & Ancestors Are Here to Help You

According to Dr. Pillai, Masi Magha is a time when ancestors and enlightened beings are more accessible.

“Magha, generally speaking, is a star that has great potential, both in material as well as spiritual energy… It`s a great time for receiving blessings from enlightened souls and also your own ancestors. Tarpanam (ancestor ceremony) on this day is very, very special and has a lot of power.” - Dr. Pillai

It’s Time to Solve Your Financial, Health, Relationship & Spiritual Problems

Dr. Pillai explains the significance of the Vedic tradition of ancestor ceremonies, and how they can help free you from financial, health, spiritual and relationship problems:

“Soul Genetics gives us an understanding about the need for blessing the spirits who have contributed to our own spirit or soul. Not only have we inherited biological genes, but also (we have inherited) soul genes. This is what Soul Genetics is all about. We really have to address this issue of changing our body, mind and soul by looking at our own souls, which have originated from the ancestors, their souls. The Science of Soul Genetics says that, as spirits, our ancestors are still hovering around on the earth plane, unable to solve a lot of problems they encountered during their sojourn on the earth plane. They had diseases, financial problems, relationship problems. Although the body is not there, the problems are there, staying with the souls. These do not allow the spirits, or souls, to liberate themselves and go to the light. The only way they can liberate themselves is through our help, according to Soul Genetics.”

“How can we help? We can help them get beyond their afflictions by offering water, sesame seeds, some rice and some money, through this ritual called Tarpanam. I have been advising that this should be done on a daily basis. We will really be able to turn around their lives by performing this ritual. It can cure, according to Soul Genetics, your diseases, solve your financial problems, solve your relationship problems, and also solve your spiritual problems as well.”

Perform an Ancestral Healing Ceremony at Home

Tarpanam is most powerful during certain nights of the year. New Moons are always great times to do it.

If you’re interested in learning how to perform Tarpanam, this video will show you how.

Here’s what you’ll need: raw rice or white rice flour, black sesame seeds, dharba grass, a coin (dime, nickel, quarter, or gold coin), and a glass of water.

Shreem Brzee Formula Instills Royalty Consciousness

Turmeric is strongly associated with Wealth Goddess Lakshmi. Lakshmi rules the Full Moons. Shreem Brzee is the wealth mantra that invokes Lakshmi to eliminate your poverty consciousness and attract wealth your way. You can infuse yourself with wealth consciousness and royalty consciousness through the Shreem Brzee mantra, and through Turmeric that is infused with this mantra. Nambu Botanicals’ practice of infusing herbs with sacred mantras and syllables is a tradition that traces back to the Siddha Yogis of Tamil Nadu, India.

Turmeric is the herb of prosperity, willpower, ambition and mood support. Physically, it protects the brain and liver and reduces inflammation in all systems of the body. It’s one of the most studied herbs in medical science. Shreem Brzee Formula contains Turmeric and black pepper extract. The extract contains a standardized form of piperine, a compound that increases the amount of Turmeric nutrients your body uses by up to 2000%.

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