Powerful 3rd Eye Karma Cleansing Meditation Technique & Mantra

Dr. Pillai’s first student, Mohini, shared a very powerful karma cleansing meditation technique  that cleanses poverty consciousness, bad health karma, ignorance and your 3rd eye, the seat of intuition.

Included in the meditation is the seed syllable mantra of Muruga, the Spiritual Warrior God Archetype who specializes in destroying internal enemies that obstruct your path to your material, social and spiritual goals. He also assists human beings as they awaken the 3rd Eye and brain. Born out of Shiva’s 3rd Eye, Muruga represents the Light of Shiva’s Consciousness.

The meditation uses Muruga’s Vel (lance), a weapon given to Him by Goddess Parvati, which he used to destroy a demon. The Vel cleanses your 3rd Eye and your karma, the thought patterns that keep you stuck in your current reality.

You can use this meditation any time. It’s especially powerful during Muruga’s powertimes. Thai Poosam is one such powertime. It’s a commemoration, observed in Tamil, India, of the time He defeated a powerful demon with the Vel. It occurs during the Full Moon in the Tamil month of Thai (mid-January to mid-February). The 2018 date is January 31st, during the Blue Supermoon.

Keep reading to learn the technique via text, or follow along with the guided meditation video. You’ll realize just how powerful it is while you’re doing it.

Muruga 3rd Eye Karma Cleansing Meditation Technique + Mantra 


  1. Imagine Muruga holding a Vel in his hand. The Vel is as bright as thousands of suns, and just as powerful. Visualize it as a bright flame. Do this for a few moments.
  2. Imagine the Vel in your entire spinal column, with its head in your Third Eye, which is between the eyebrows and a little bit inward. 
  3. The Vel is now burning your Third Eye, purifying it from negative karma, and making room for Divine Intelligence and intuition.
  4. Say a prayer: I will never forget the Vel, burning in my Third Eye, as a bright flame, removing my karma. 
  5. Command the Vel, in prayer, to remove all disease karma. Remember to keep the visualization of the Vel in the spinal column going. It’s very bright.
  6. Repeat Muruga’s seed syllable mantra: Saravana Bhava. It’s pronounced Sah Rah Vah Nah Bah Vah. This is the sound equivalent of the Vel that slices up your inner demons.
  7. Command the Vel to remove poverty consciousness, and then repeat the mantra while the Vel burns in your Third Eye.  
  8. Repeat the previous step with a command to remove your ignorance and replace it with Divine Intelligence. 
  9. Give thanks to Muruga.

    Herbs That Connect You to Muruga’s Divine Intelligence

    Bacopa Monnieri: Bacopa cleans your 3rd Eye Chakra and boosts your intuition, placing it in the domain of Muruga and Goddess Saraswati. Don’t be surprised if you start thinking more unconventionally and  out-of-the-box-like. Bacopa is also a nootropic that increases memory, powers the brain with oxygen, boosts concentration and focus, decreases stress and makes it hard to forget newly learned information. Allow two to six weeks for all these effects to peak. Nambu’s Hi-Memory Formula is infused with sound vibrations that support the 3rd Eye.

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    Eclipta Alba: Muruga’s domain includes the Crown Chakra and Higher Spiritual Intelligence. Eclipta Alba supports both. It’s widely used and celebrated as a meditation aid. The subtle awareness this herb brings can also cleanse your karma and inner demons and heighten intuition. Nambu’s Enlightenment Formula is infused with sound vibrations that support the Crown Chakra and Spiritual Intelligence.

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