Power Up Your Prana For Faster Manifesting


Prana or Holy Breath is the current of energy or “life force” of our bodies, the Universe and of all creation. We can live for days without food or water, but when the breath leaves, the body dies.

The strength of your prana has a profound effect on our ability to manifest our health and life goals.   The Nambu team loves Mukhya Prana, a powerful technique that powers-up your prana and shifts your consciousness “beyond time” so your manifestation can be faster or even instant.  

Read on to learn the technique, and how to use specific PHONEME-INFUSED™ herbs to supercharge your health and life goals into reality.  


Mukhya Prana Manifestation-Quickening Technique


Use Your Prana to Speed Up Manifesting from Beth on Vimeo.


The Mukhya Prana technique will shift your awareness from the normal rational centers to the Midbrain. The Midbrain does not know time. When your consciousness is outside of time, manifestation can be faster, or even instant.

  1. Touch the tip of your nose with your pointer finger.
  1. Slowly bring your fingertip up the front of your nose until it reaches the point between the eyebrows. Your finger is touching your skin the entire time. This is the beginning of the opening of the gateway to the 3rd Eye and the Midbrain. Hold your attention there for a few seconds.
  1. Bring the fingertip up further until it reaches the center of the forehead. This spot is your gateway to the Midbrain. Hold your attention there for a few seconds.

So far, you’ve been using your finger to guide your focus. Now we’ll do it without your finger.

  1. Take a breath through the nose and hold it.  Still holding the breath, focus on the bottoms of the nostrils.
  1. Slowly move your attention up through the inside of your nostrils until it reaches the point between the eyebrows. Hold your attention there for a few seconds.
  1. Proceed further until you reach the center of the forehead. Now it’s time to open your Midbrain awareness.Here, you’re unlocking the gateway to it. Hold your attention here for a few seconds
  1. Move your attention to the top of the head, and out the top of the head. Resume normal breathing.

Practice every day, and you’ll experience changes in your ability to manifest, along with positive changes in your thought and emotional patterns.  Be CONSISTENT. Supporting your practice with PHONEME-INFUSED™ turmeric will help you stay on track.  


Shreem Brzee Turmeric Formula Infuses You with Wealth Consciousness

Vedic traditions recognize Turmeric as a prosperity herb. It’s associated with Wealth Goddess Lakshmi and other God and Goddess Archetypes. It improves motivation and moods. It’s also known to medical science for reducing inflammation, stress, and even harmful bacteria while protecting the brain and liver. Shreem Brzee Formula is PHONEME INFUSED with the Ultimate Wealth Mantra, Shreem Brzee, which dissolves poverty consciousness while attracting wealth. 

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How the Ancient Art of Phoneme Infusion Works

Nambu’s herb formulas follow the old Ayurveda and Siddha traditions of phoneme infusion. This process keeps the herbs “alive” for a more profound influence on your subtle body. They can change your chemistry. That’s what herbs do. They can change your thoughts, your brain chemistry, your body chemistry, your body’s functions, and even your moods. The ancient practice of infusing herbs with sounds enhances this process.  

It’s similar to another holistic process used by the Lakota tribe when they build sweat lodges and prepare the ground for ceremonies. They infuse the whole scene with vibrations of gratitude by thanking every stick, rock or other object that helps create the environment for the ceremony. The process adds more power to the ceremony. It follows an ancient principle that you’ll find in Vedic, Native American and other traditions around the world.


Tips to Multiply Your Results

Tip 1: Keep a journal. Note your thoughts and emotions through time. If you notice your prana or manifestation ability becoming stronger, note that, too. Note any other changes, short term and long term, as well. A journal provides great feedback to speed up your learning process, and, therefore, your manifestation abilities.

Tip 2: Change your thought patterns by changing your chemistry. You may have stubborn thought patterns like I’m not smart enough to manifest what I want, I’m not thin enough to manifest what I want, I suck at X, Y or Z, etc etc etc. Changing your environment, what you eat, your emotions, what you think, all of these can change your negative self-talk. They can change your neuronal pathways.

Tip 3: Be resilient. In a book called The Winner’s Brain, they noted research examining what makes the CEO’s brain different than others. Their brains are more resilient, and so are their attitudes. Resilience is the ability to keep on truckin’, even if it looks like your desire won’t manifest.