Poke-a-Hole to be Doubt Free: Dr. Pillai Conversations


I want you to receive as much as possible from Nambu Botanicals - in self discovery as well as herbs.  So, when we can, we're going to post conversations with Dr. Pillai held in casual off-the-cuff environments here on the Nambu blog. ~Dr. Pillai, Sept. 17, 2016, San Diego

"The problem most people face in life is that the mind stays in a gross domain. 

The mind stays in a superficial less intelligent space, full of confusion uncertainty negativity doubt.  That needs to be changed.

The mind has to move from uncertainty and doubt to certainty, doubt - free consciousness and full of knowledge. Meditative state only can give this - but then you have a lot to do in life so you can’t afford to be mediating all the time. Make sure to meditate .5 to 1 hour by meditating or chanting.  These exercises will keep the mind in a sacred space.

In other times, in the mundane consciousness, called "daily awareness" from Wayne Dyer..periodically you have to poke a hole into the daily awareness and mundane consciousness. Just poke a hole through daily awareness and divine consciousness. how to poke a hole? Keep praying or saying mantra as subtly as possible. And that's how you go about with your life.  

~ Dr. Pillai