Opening Your Heart Is Strength, Not Weakness


This Sunday: The powertime for  True Love

Sunday, September 2nd is Krishna’s birthday. Every year throughout India, people honor him with Tulsi - the herb of compassion and the main ingredient of Nambu’s PHONEME-INFUSED™ Love & Grace Formula.

Krishna Represents Love & Pleasure in All Their Forms

While the most popular organization dedicated to Krishna in the West focused on renunciation of most earthly pleasures, Krishna is actually all about both earthly and spiritual pleasure.

Krishna represents selfless love, charismatic magnetism, enjoyment of the material world, the perfection of relationships and dharma (cosmic order and duty). With his partner, Radha, he represents the perfection of romantic love as well. Together, they can help you obtain all of the above. Both of them open hearts.

Learn how connecting with Radha and Krishna can help you perfect the art of true love in all types of relationships.

The Meaning of True Love, & Why People Fear It

Opening your heart to strangers can be difficult. We create so much armor to protect ourselves from being taken advantage of by businesses, lovers, neighbors and random people we meet on the street.

The Good Samaritan story of the Bible is a good example of this. Most people wouldn’t help strangers on that road because some people pretended to be in distress so they could rob people who tried to help.

Romantic relationships expose our armor most of all, especially if past lovers were controlling. The armor is responsible for many fights and break ups. It turns out that these fear-based behaviors are the opposite of love. We may feel strong when we feel like we’re protecting ourselves from harm. However, when we act out of fear, that is weakness.

Awaken the Divine Couple Within You


Awakening to the Universal Lover, embodied by both Radha and Krishna, awakens the love and compassion within us. This is the love that dissolves the armor that separates us from potential lovers, current lovers, restaurant waitstaff, the cable guy, and the injured man in a ditch on the side of the road. True love keeps us in the present moment so we’re dealing with people as they are, not as they might be.

It’s the love that guides us to right action, naturally and intuitively, while having less concern about what we get out of that action other than the immense joy of right action itself. That’s Karma Yoga, something Krishna teaches in the Bhagavad Gita. It is true strength.

The Radha & Krishna Mantra

“If you participate in the divine relationship of Radha and Krishna, and when you chant:

Radhe Bol, Hari Bol, Hari Bol, Radhe Bol

(Pronounced: RAHD-hay bowl, HAH-ree Bowl)

You will see the magic happening in different areas of your life."


Radha’s & Krishna’s Favorite Herb Awakens the Perfection of Love

A common ceremonial offering to idols of Radha and Krishna is Tulsi. Tulsi is the herb that opens the Heart Chakra, increasing both compassion and patience. It also decreases cortisol, the stress hormone associated with the “fight or flight” impulse, which is especially powerful when we allow the heart’s armor to control us and others.

Nambu’s Love & Grace Formula is PHONEME-INFUSED™ with sound vibrations that support the Heart Chakra.


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“I have felt that my heart is open and if l feel upset about something it doesn’t last long. I feel at peace quickly with my life and situations and people.” - Christine T, Verified Buyer

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