Not Enough Hours in Your Day? Try This.

Do you often complain that there aren’t enough hours in a day to stay on top of life and reach your goals? It might be time for some nootropic herbs. 

Nootropics are commonly used to increase focus and memory. They typically increase the cerebral flow of blood and oxygen, and this leads to better brain function and accelerated learning. The effects in the circulatory system can lead to increased libido and overall sexual health as well. 

Below are two nootropics that are commonly used in Tamil Siddha and Ayurvedic medicine. People who use them say they get more done with greater ease. They cross off their to-do list items more frequently. They don’t need to worry as much about time management because their brains have a lot of that covered automatically. 

Athletes love these herbs because they boost exercise stamina and performance. Smart students use these natural plants instead of coffee to fuel their academic success.

The best thing about Nambu’s formulas is that they’re infused with sacred sound technology for an added boost to memory, concentration and manifestation. 

Bacopa Monnieri (Hi-Memory Formula) 

Bacopa Monnieri is well-known in Ayurveda and nootropics circles. The herb increases blood flow to your brain, and the increased oxygen levels lead to many benefits. 

Our Hi-Memory formula bless you with the gift of accelerated learning. Studies show that Bacopa improves memory and makes it far less likely to forget information you learn. It’s used by college students and others who need a high level of concentration and memory power. It’s also used by athletes and those who are proactively manifesting their dream lives. That’s because it provides some of the essential conditions for manifestation work. The positive effects on circulation are also rumored to improve sexual health and libido. 

One of the best things about Bacopa is that the FDA generally considers it safe to use.  

Try Bacopa Yourself 


Vinpocetine is another herb that enhances both memory and focus. Like Bacopa, Vinpocetine improves blood flow to the brain. If you’re trying to study or get through a to-do list, Vinpocetine is known to keep your eyes on the goal with less distraction. It also increases glucose metabolism. Vinpocetine is known to improve memory, focus, hearing, vision and cardiovascular function.

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