You’ve probably heard of energized water.  But did you know there’s a device that will energize water, air and herbs -- and even YOU!  Welcome to your personal  SHREEM BRZEE YANTRA. 
You can use this remarkable little device to:
Energize your herbs, water, and food
Energize your space
Magnetize your manifestations
Powerfully call in wealth Goddess Lakshmi with the sounds of SHREEM BRZEE
Fans of SHREEM BRZEE TURMERIC and those familiar with Goddess Lakshmi's Shreem Brzee wealth mantra will immediately connect to the benefits of this versatile "spiritual tool."  
Read on to learn what the yantra can do for you.
Our founder, Dr. Pillai designed Shreem Brzee herbal supplements so people could have another way of vibrating with the mantra. And it works! When the saint Vishramitra meditated he received the sound Brzee.  Then, through mystical Nadi leaves that sound came to Dr. Pillai who placed Shreem in front of Brzee. 
The entire object is to vibrate with the sound inside and out. That’s why we came up with PHONEME-INFUSED™ Shreem Brzee turmeric and now the companion yantra.
A YANTRA is a square amulet, typically made of copper or gold, energized with specific sound vibrations and etched with SACRED GEOMETRY according to the yantra’s purpose.
How does it work?
A YANTRA has a geometrical configuration that aligns and draws energy from a constellation in or beyond the Milky Way. A subtle “machine” that emits a frequency that permeates your aura, your consciousness, and your environment.
YANTRAS  have been used in Vedic spiritual technology for hundreds of years by enlightened gurus and Siddha masters to amplify their mantras, meditations and manifestations. 
Yantras are both sacred and beautiful!
Your SHREEM BRZEE YANTRA is made out of copper and dipped in gold.  Our Vedic priests in Chennai, India, perform special rituals to program each yantra with the sounds of GODDESS LAKSHMI’s SHREEM BRZEE mantra, and etch each piece with special symobols that align your energy with that of the wealth goddess
** Energize your SHREEM BRZEE TURMERIC by placing on top of your Yantra for a few minutes before ingesting.   You can also do the same thing with a glass of drinking water, fresh juice or smoothies.
** Place on your personal altar and use as a focal point for personal rituals and meditation.
** Hold in your right hand as you chant “shreem brzee.”  Strengthen your fortitude to make the financial jumps you want.
** Your YANTRA is easily portable!  Place in your wallet to help attract wealth and prosperity wherever you go.
Nambu Botanicals director Beth never leaves home without her yantra -- she has a separate wallet for her yantra and carries it all the time :)