NEW Prosperity Formula from Nambu Herbs

"Every Mantra represents an energy of a God, or a Goddess, behind it. And these Gods or Goddesses have a plant origin. They all have a plant basis, whether a tree or a plant. And if you can take the fruits, or the leaves, or the roots of this plant, then you can get the mantra into the blood of the people." - Dr. Pillai 

Science doesn't have a prosperity blood type. However, the Yogis and Siddhas believe that you can have prosperity in your blood. How can you possibly accomplish this? Through the prosperity mantra, Shreem Brzee. 

Dr. Pillai has been placing great emphasis on this Ultimate Wealth Building Mantra because it eliminates scarcity consciousness and promotes the attraction of material wealth and the development of spiritual wealth. 

This mantra is infused in our new Shreem Brzee Formula. Dr. Pillai has said that Shreem Brzee and Turmeric are one and the same. Turmeric enhances willpower so that you can achieve your ambitions. It also decreases stress, and this enhances productivity as well. 

You can reserve your bottle of Shreem Brzee and get free shipping as well *. Our free shipping offer has been extended to June 20th. We are shipping on approximately June 25th.  

We haven’t started shipping yet, so we can’t say for sure what results it’s going to have on your finances. However, if it’s like the Shreem Brzee mantra, then it'll have so many success stories! 

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“When I came across Shreem Brzee and began chanting it for about a week and a half, after 2 weeks I received a check for almost $3,000. I could not believe it.” - L.B. Blue, USA 

“A week into chanting Shreem Brzee, we manifested $15,000 bonus & 3% salary raise for my husband… So, so thankful.” - Gitanjali Wadi 

Formulated for the navel chakra, PHONEME INFUSED™ Shreem Brzee Turmeric Formula can boost willpower and attract money. Our organic Turmeric is #1 in maintaining healthy levels of inflammation, whether it's in the tummy or the joints. Curcumin, the main active phytochemical in Turmeric, can alleviate gas and indigestion. 

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