Multiply Your Wealth Attraction


Learn 3 secrets for accelerating the Law of Attraction & eliminating poverty consciousness.

We’re often taught that spirituality is incompatible with financial abundance. St. Francis, Gautama Buddha, and Jesus were renunciants who took vows of poverty. Not all Enlightened Masters have walked that path, however. The Siddha Yogis have always viewed abundance as freedom.

If you have a dream for a business or charity, money allows you not only to create the organization with less effort. It also allows you to hire people who know how to make the organization succeed, or to take courses that fulfill the same purpose. This can save you years of trial and error and prevent mistakes and failure. With enough money, you can also express your true thoughts and feelings to your boss without worrying about consequences. That’s authenticity.

Today, we’ll walk you through 3 powerful secrets for multiplying your money attraction efforts with meditation, karma removal and a specific herb from Ayurveda and Siddha medicine.

But First… About That Shreem Brzee Wealth Attraction Mantra

Shreem is a Sanskrit Bija, or seed, syllable for Wealth Goddess Lakshmi. Lakshmi eliminates the karmic thought patterns that keep you stuck in either poverty or “just getting by” mode. She also boosts your ability to attract abundance like a magnet. Brzee was revealed to Nambu’s Founder, Dr. Baskaran Pillai, to add manifesting power to Shreem.

How to Attract More Wealth More Quickly

To dissolve poverty consciousness, receive insights for increasing your wealth and actually attract more wealth, use the Shreem Brzee mantra with persistence.

It can take a while to change the circuitry of your brain and replace the thought patterns of poverty. There are some shortcuts however.


Immerse Your Environment with Shreem Brzee

There are videos and audios of Dr. Pillai chanting Shreem Brzee. You can play it in the background while you work, eat, exercise or enjoy a break from work.


KEEP IN MIND:  None of this is possible unless you make your own efforts to change your own consciousness to be more positive and more resilient to self-doubt.  It's hard but worth it and this herb will help. 


Shreem Brzee Herbal Shortcut

This shortcut will infuse your whole body with abundance consciousness. Some people have received money breakthroughs within the first few days of using this shortcut. Each brain is different, so results may vary.

  1. Rub your hands together gently for 15-20 seconds.
    2. Pull your hands apart gently and feel the heat, energy and power between your palm chakras.
    3. Put Nambu’s Shreem Brzee Formula Turmeric capsule(s) in the middle of the palm in your right hand.
    4. Say Shreem Brzee 3 times.
    5. Visualize your desired manifestation for 5-10 seconds.
    6. Hold your intention or prayer. For example: “Please heal me of feelings of unworthiness towards money. Thank you for already granting this healing.”
    7. Swallow the capsule(s). You can take 1 or more capsules, 1 or more times per day.

Create a Shreem Brzee Multiplier Ceremony

You can do this hydration offering with or without the herbal shortcut. However, the shortcut may multiply your results.

1 Get a statue or image of Lakshmi. You may want to laminate the image for the next steps.

  1. Pour water, milk, and/or orange juice on the statue or image to bring Lakshmi to life while chanting Shreem Brzee.
  2. Offer her food while chanting Shreem Brzee. She likes yogurt, candy bars and violet and red flowers. Place your offerings in front of her. Don’t eat them afterward. You can pour yogurt on top of her if you wish.
  3. Give thanks to Lakshmi for already granting you abundance. Pay attention to any profitable insights that reveal themselves during, shortly after, or long after, the ceremony. Act on them. Meditate regularly so you more easily discern intuition from random thought.

You can include Ganesha in your ceremony as well. His seed mantra is Gum.

You will have best results if you are very specific with your intent when you begin your ceremony. Make sure you can fully believe you can accomplish the goal, and create a timeline.

Examples of Specific & Believable Goals

“Lakshmi and I will manifest $1,000 more in August than I normally make.”

“I will have the down payment for one of the 3 houses I’ve been looking at by the end of next month.”

“I will find a $60,000+ per year job, in an environment I love to work in, before the end of January.”

Order Shreem Brzee Formula

All of Nambu’s herbs are infused with sound vibrations. Nambu Botanicals was founded for the purpose of reviving the lost Ayurveda and Siddha Medicine practice of bringing herbs to life with mantra.

Shreem Brzee Formula contains Turmeric, a Lakshmi herb that reduces inflammation and increases willpower, intestinal fortitude and confidence. It’s infused with the Shreem Brzee Wealth Attraction Mantra.

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