How To Boost Wealth: Important Tips For Financial Success

I’ve always thought that I had to work hard to get anywhere, whether for financial gain or moving up in my career. Very rarely would something happen that I didn’t have to work hard for. Why is it a rare occurrence? Because I make it so.  

Who can think, “I want money for nothing” and then manifest? The Yogi’s can. And a few, very special people like the Queen of England and Prince Charles. What I’m describing is gaining more without holding onto the thought that you have to work hard for it.

Dr. Pillai brought this up as a consciousness that everyone could have. Dr. Pillai often mentions, “Time is money”. Some people value their time at $8/hr, some people at $800/hr. He recommends you value your time as money.

Here are two tips that have helped me boost my finances: 

1. Challenge yourself. Recognize those pesky thought patterns that force you to toil away. Some limiting thoughts are:

•  I have to work late and make sacrifices to get anywhere in my career and make more money.  
• I have to work all night to make this proposal (or whatever) perfect.
• I have to wait until the end of the month to get paid.  

2. When you get these thoughts, tell yourself they are not set in stone. It’s what you hold in your mind that will manifest. These thoughts could have been passed down to you from your parents.

3. Take Dr. Pillai’s Phoneme Infusedtm herbs. Nambu Botanicals formulas give higher awareness and insights. I recommend:

• Enlightenment Formula – busts stuck thought patterns. Experience insights.
• Hi-Health – Gives the “Willpower” to have discipline and demand life improvement.
• Hi-Memory – Gets rid of our concept of time and gives “new time”.