Meditation Hacks For Headaches & Muscle Tension


Your daily sit or mantra may not be enough. Try these empowering secrets.

The World Health Organization has called stress “the health epidemic of the 21st Century (1).” Some of the most common symptoms of stress are tension headaches, job mistakes, racing thoughts, memory problems, lack of concentration and tense muscles.

How to Break Free from Muscle Tension,

Headaches & Stress Accumulation

The #1 secret to less stress, tension and headaches is vigilance.

Monitor your thoughts, breath and body tension throughout the day. Try mindfulness meditation with a breath focus, and/or body scan techniques. Make sure you're getting enough rest, and help balance your body and mind using adaptogenic herbs (see below).  Awareness of tension empowers you to release it. 

 10 - 20 minutes of scheduled meditation twice per day can free you from a stressful mindset. You can also build momentum by taking a couple of minutes every hour to check in on your thoughts, body sensations and breath.  Add mantras, yoga poses, devotional chanting, gratitude practice to your routine if you wish.

Scroll down for a powerful free webcast and guided meditation hosted by Nambu Botanicals Founder Dr. Baskaran Pillai.


Helpful Herbs for Stress & Tension

Tulsi (Holy Basil): This herb lowers cortisol, the stress hormone. It’s an adaptogen that improves your mental and physical responses to stress. Tulsi also improves both patience and compassion for the people around you. Nambu’s Love & Grace Formula is PHONEME INFUSED™ with sound vibrations that nourish the Heart Chakra, in accordance with forgotten Ayurveda and Siddha principles.

Turmeric: This is the most studied of all Ayurveda and Siddha Medicine herbs. An adaptogen like Tulsi, Turmeric improves your mental and physical responses to stress and improves moods (2)(3). Curcumin, Turmeric’s most touted active ingredient, can reverse stress-induced brain changes (4). It can increase the brain’s adaptability, which means the growth of new neurons and new connections between neurons (5). This reduces stress and boosts learning potential. Nambu’s Hi-Health Formula is infused with sounds that support willpower and confidence for goal achievement. The standardized black pepper extract multiplies absorption of Turmeric’s active ingredients (6).


Meditation for the Most Powerful Full Moon of the Year

The Full Moon of the Guru, or Guru Purnima, is when the Gurus and Enlightened Beings descend to the Earth plane to help you remove blocks to health, prosperity and enlightenment. It begins this Thursday and continues through Friday night.

In the free webcast below, Dr. Pillai shares revelatory teachings about your true nature as a Light Being. He also guides you in a powerful meditation for wisdom, energy, healing, power and immortality for the coming Full Moon.



Be Blessed,

Your Nambu Botanicals Team

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